Self Care Journals & Planners I’m Obsessing Over

2022 is already looming and I’m an over-planner. It’s better to be prepared more than sorry for having missed out on all the good things in life. I rather be spread thin with zero regrets than wonder why I wasn’t invited to the next party (from not having shown up to the last and seen as an unreliable).

Journaling is the ultimate form of self care when it comes to catharsis, and putting a to do list saves you so much money, energy and time. I love prepping for the next day with a good agenda, and making it beautiful so I always want to come back for more organization.

Here are some picks I’m currently obsessing over!

I get a new yearly planner every December as a gift to myself to stay on top of all my monthly and yearly goals. No matter how unattainable they seem, as long as I see them, I know I can take the baby steps to reach them eventually.

I’ve also been really getting into self care books, because I’m visual and it’s just good to have a reminder to take care of myself. I literally walk by the things I need to do everyday, but don’t. It’s that simple. Just being able to do the things.

However, when I have a breakdown and fully dive into an interest, it presents itself differently to my brain and I’m interested in it as an actual obsession. I used that word wisely here, because that’s how my brain sees it. I love being obsessed with things. Because that means I get good at doing them and master them properly.

Self care books are also just as delicious as cookbooks!

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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