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Here are pieces that are more for the little society at home we call family. These communal pieces are meant to bring us together through recreational activities while not forfeiting on quality make, elegant style and Old World charm. You can sit for hours at or around these pieces spending time with loved ones and really get a lifetime’s worth of memories.

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I wanted to gift this to Mr. Dixon for his study where we can open the giant indoor-outdoor living glass to make it feel like we are playing outside with the comforts of his luxuriously furnished office. He loves showing me classic strategy, teaching me moves, and challenging ideas as we talk all things human condition. In other words, it is a perfect spot to ponder in deep discussion with the minds you adore.

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There is something about making wherever you live a home by thinking specifically about how you live your life. This includes those in your family and how they prefer to live their life also. Considering these elements are a forethought oversimplified by ‘We eat here. We rest here. We bathe here.’ There is so much more to life than having basic needs and putting furniture around that.

I see so many uses for this whimsically formed table. It gives almost a knights at the hexagonal table feel. This can be used in the family room getting together to read any book. Growing up, my family would read a chapter of the scriptures each taking turns. We can have tutors teach here with the doors open to hear our little ones learning. Or it could be an entryway or corridor room with a bouquet of wild flowers set on top.

Immerse yourself in the elegant life by visiting the Home Shop. Full of all the luxurious details to glamourise your everyday, the Home Shop has something for everyone. 

This is the most breathtaking coffee table I have ever seen. When first venturing out for lap top tables, they are always modular or boring and cheaply made. This masterpiece is not only handy and your seat’s side, but can be used at the bedside and altered when sick with warm soups. It is a perfect hosting piece when presenting coffees and teas to all who pass through.

This does not necessarily have to be used in the library alone. I like the idea of having multiple. Growing up, my parents had really tall bookcases that I could not reach the top of. This still applies today haha. I can see this utilised in the kitchen for taller cabinets, in the children’s bedrooms, and of course, in the study. It has a bit of flourish that a step stool does not.

Everyone and their mother has a gilded mirror from a certain brand that is poorly made (my former coworker and I owned a couple that were abyssmal). It is not simply that it is not of the highest quality, but that it also looks boring. People only think of interior ideas that are presented to them, rather than what already exists in true palaces. How can your home be a palace if you keep feeding it manufactured plywood from IKEA?

The hand painted work is a delicate touch that fortifies this in my mind that someone put a lot of extra love and care into crafting this mirror. It is an extra touch of love in your sanctuary you call home.

This mirror has more a more masculine, more flamboyant Dorian presence. This is definitely made for a corridor near my husband’s wing of the house or closet. I am also thinking of putting it by the entryway so you can check your teeth and ensemble before leaving the house. Or in a guest bathroom where passersby can freshen their appearance.

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