Revolve Summer Beauty Haul 2022

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Here is my latest Revolve Beauty haul to replenish my facial skincare game including lip balm! Something I did not mention in the video is the reason I was looking for SPF lip balm is because there is a special layer on the rest of our facial skin that has a bit more protection from the sun. Our lips are thinner without that chemical (I forgot the name – it’s three syllables and I think starts with an ‘s’ – so it’s imperative to have lip balm with sun protection.

I’ve also been diving into a lot of gentler products with tons of hydration, because I’m 27 now, and feeling the effects of aging taking play. I’m seeing more lines when I smile around my eyes now. I’m expressing to show empathy with my forehead a lot more. And everything feels like it’s loosening up gradually. I can definitely see myself in the beginning stages of getting older. It doesn’t bother me, but I’m doing everything I can to make things as long as they can while they can!

I’m in love with all things Summer Fridays. They can really do no wrong in my eyes since I’ve purchased a handful of their products. They’re really nailing the skin care game so far, and I’m quite satisfied with this purchase.

It’s not your usual inflated price for a serum, yet I feel it’s definitely calming and effective. Still yet to see more if its performance, but I’m willing to take my time with it.

I’m really happy with this simple go-to lip balm. Still taking more time to feel this out as I just started using it. However, I’ve always loved this French pharmacy brand, and make a beeline for their products when I’m visiting its mother nation.

I was desperate for a simple clear lip balm by my bedside table, and so far it’s not bad! It’s not your luxurious designer lip balm with exotic oils, but it gets the job done.

BYBI is officially one of my new favourite brands. This face base everyday moisturizer is going to be my new calming moisturizer.

I’m obsessed with their natural products, biodegradable packaging, and price range for how well they perform. It’s definitely something I can get on my soap box for.

I’m going back to stock up on all their beauty products!

Did someone say two time’s the charm? Can I get a what what?!

This cleanser takes off my makeup without stripping it, and making me look like I need to drink water haha. It was so calming, and I can’t emphasize that enough. I need to buy multiples of this, because I keep bringing this with me to the shower, and then back to the sink for both my morning and nighttime routines.

*Gagging sound* Ugh. Why do products do this to me? To my beautiful lips that I’m so proud of. This was almost the same price of the Avene lip balm mentioned above, yet it don’t do a thing!

It just makes me mad, makes my lips peel like mad with cheap hyaluronic acid, and makes my lips white from the zinc, or whatever is used for the sun cream. Now using this on my hands as hand sunscreen. Yawn. Next!

I replaced my $90 LANCER Method Polish exfoliating cleanser with a $17 cleanser?! Yes. It’s true. It’s possible. It’s my new go-to, and I’m so happy I found it!

The holy grail of exfoliators with ginger and a hint of lemon. I need to stock up on this, and I cannot express enough how excellent this is. All without breaking the bank and giving Dr. Lancer a run for his sweet money.

I’m just not a fan of the packaging, but when it performs this well? It don’t even matter. Get this before I buy the company myself haha. 👀

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