Revolve Spring Dress Try On Haul: Spring outfit ideas

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This haul was so much fun as Revolve is one of my all time favourite retailers. Everything is on-trend, up to season, and it doesn’t take long for me to find something I absolutely love. Nothing on the whole site is basic or has me thinking twice. Pretty much everything is a must – have. Not to mention the free two day shipping. Revolve is unbeatable.

Here are some casual, trendy, and formal outfit ideas for Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations and get togethers. Everything here makes your legs look shapely skyscrapers, and can be dressed both up and down. Revolve makes it really easy considering each of these dresses (except the Majorelle long open sleeve bubblegum pink dress) are under $100.

How are you not in love with this feather statement dress? Mini, secure v-bear, easy to move in, and blush velvet. Name one thing you absolutely don’t love about this silhouette and fun design. Yep. It’s difficult.

I won’t hold you to it, because this is perfect for drinks, a birthday outfit, a fun date night dinner with the partner, or even a gallery opening.

This is definitely an all around celebration mini dress that will steal the show, without doing too much.

I can’t express how soft and comfy this is too!

Majorelle is one of my fav brands that Revolve carries, because it’s affordable, and on-trend yet timeless at the same time. I have a handful of Majorelle dresses and can still wear them til this day and get tons of compliments.

I love this dress for Mother’s Day or Easter, because it’s still conservative, a fun colour, yet feminine and soft with the tie string shoulders and close – to – the – body silhouette.

It’s flattering, draping in the right places, and is easy to move around in. Having all those things in one garment is hard to nail. This dress does just that.

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Newsprint is one of my favourite patterns to adorn, because it reminds of the Sex and the City Christian Dior dress Carrie Bradshaw wears. So iconic when facing Natasha during that uncomfortable lunch bombardment. But she looked fabulous nevertheless!

I feel like stripes, polka dots, and newsprint all belong in the same category of can’t go wrong when leaving a lasting impression.

It also says fun, brazen, yet is still demure considering the silhouette and neckline. The design of the mini is strong with the print doing the work and simple form. An occasion must – have!

I wasn’t in love with this dress, because it was on the stiff side. The material was surprisingly smooth and soft, which I was definitely a fan of. However, the zipper made me nervous, because it was just SO ROUGH.

Revolve dresses, every now and again, make me worry, because I’ve had a couple dresses well over $200 that failed me when it came to the zipper.

It was so stiff that I didn’t zip it all the way up in fear of there being breakage, as you can see in the video. The zipper was not a YKK zipper, because they’re usually high quality and much smoother. This made me cringe and was returned.

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I loved how stretchy and comfy this dress was! It was unexpected as I usually anticipated mesh sheer items to be bulky yet simultaneously tight somehow. It’s the layering of multiple fabrics.

But I felt like I could definitely dance the night away, sit down just fine without the skirt riding up, and loved the colour. Princess Jasmine!

Things I didn’t like: It’s meant for a taller woman considering how often it bunched up. Bustiers are not friendly to larger breasted women who are an F cup like me. It took away from my chest while also being uncomfortable in that area.

I’m a huge fan of a slinky dress. Slinkiness means the ability to dance all night, pick up your friend’s baby and rock them around, and bend over to pick up what the little one dropped.

The only problem was I definitely needed fashion tape as someone with large breasts. The colour looked more grey than beige in person. But it was indubitably on the lighter taupe side – to give credit to it being called ‘beige’.

The length was odd for me, because I’m petite at 5’2.5″. I sent it back, because it made me look too hippy, and I really tried out different ways of wearing varied lengths without finding a hemline flattering enough to justify this purchase.

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I have to say I wasn’t really expecting much with this basic silhouette camisole dress. And I think that’s how it impressed me. I had low expectations.

There were double straps that I didn’t notice until I checked the order when it came. It was ribbed, thick, and beautiful quality.

Finally, I could move around in it. It was like wearing sturdy, warm, lotion haha. That level soft, yes. The colour is not my usual tone to complement my complexion, but this tangerine is something new and fresh I’m feeling for the season! Can’t say no considering how wonderful the quality is.

This dress is outside my comfort zone when it comes to colour, but I always happen to receive endless compliments in this tone of blue. Darker shades of azure typically bring out my eyes and hair to appear more contrasted. For those of you with similar seasons of deep winters or cool springs would be remiss to not don this dress.

I love the ribbing, it’s a heavier material, the boatneck is so elegant and timeless, yet the quality wasn’t its best. There were tons of loose strings and threads coming from the ends of this mini hemline. Otherwise, I’d wear this all year round in every colour. It’s so flattering.

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I love this design! In short, pink and polka dots with a ruffle hem is a way to get my instant attention. Not to mention the neckline cut being perfect.

Wear this with fashion tape or adjust the straps if you are worried about a wardrobe malfunction. It was flattering, but a little on the stiff side when it came to the fabric.

It also had a tiny bit of an exaggerated waist when it came to the darting of the hips. I did not look too hippy, I’m just really conscious of dresses looking form fitting, especially on my petite figure.

It’s a really feminine staple for spring adventures.

This fit me really tight and uncomfortably in the weirdest places. You can’t move around in this dress. There are lace meshes and fibers that are stretchy – considering the blue corset dress above – but this dress was none of those things.

The material flared out in unusual places since it was an open back silhouette. It was also weirdly short. I’m someone who adores short hemlines, but this was too short. Even on the model it’s quite short.

This went back. Maybe if you have no butt or boobs this will fit you better. I need my garments to have a little bit more forgiveness than this.

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This midi dress impressed me.

You can’t go wrong with a simple yet striking silhouette when it comes to Revolve. They get it right when it comes to the stretchy fit while still being flattering and what would be a plain design.

This is a wardrobe staple as I was equally impressed, or even more so with this ribbed stretchy feel. I could dance around, and the slit was so flattering considering my height. Usually any ventilation on the front of a dress is much lower and makes me look hippier. But this was more perfection than I could wish for.

I really hoped you enjoyed this haul as much as I did! I learnt so much about myself and Revolve’s quality, some new favourite brands, and tones to try. It brought me out of my comfort zone when dressing, so let me know which look is your favourite or least favourite in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel to get more outfit ideas for free.

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