Revolve Beauty Haul: Solaris Labs NY LED Mask v. Blue Lightstim

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My whole beauty routine has changed over the past year, and it is due to more stress being added that comes with taking on more responsibility. #Adulting is a terms us millennials created, because we are the generation hashtags were created, but also feel that doing regular things like paying your bills on time and being a reasonable, upstanding citizen should get a silly name haha.

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Introducing my past beauty routine: the Lighstim

I have been using the blue Lighstim for acne for well over a year now, and it was something that made my evening routine luxurious. It was like having a spa at home, kept me accountable for washing my face to make sure I get my money’s worth from using it.

Somewhere on the internet, I read an article that said it’s not as powerful as the LED lasers they have at medspas, but I purchased it anyway, because it’s better to have something to work with everyday at home that is affordable, a one-time payment, and skincare is a marathon, not a sprint after all. It’s better to have something rather than nothing.

Shop high power beauty that works

When it comes to skincare, prevention does a lot more than dealing with the insanely damaging and what can be physically horrifying effects of bad skin. Your face is what I call your ‘moneymaker’. It’s the first thing people see, how you express yourself, and sometimes can make or break your business if you have one. It’s so much harder to reverse the effects of damage that has already been done to your skin, so it is better to do everything you can now to take care of yourself.

The problem with the Lightstim that the LED mask solves

I can’t multitask with the Lightstim. Simply put. The Solaris Labs NY LED Mask (that is a mouthful, so I will refer to it as SLNY LED — just kidding — LED mask.) The LED mask is also more affordable. Sometimes I forget it’s on my face, because I’m so deep into listening to an audiobook or preparing my day for tomorrow as a part of my nightly routine. They both work, but the LED mask also has much more options when it comes to skin concerns to target.

All in all, REVOLVE Beauty is very hit or miss for me. It’s definitely not the holy grail when it comes to skin care for me, but it does have some cult brands that can be skin game changers. Every now and again something great does from them, so I have my eye on their website for the latest beauty launches. It’s good to know and stay on top of what works and what doesn’t.

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