Revolve Beauty Haul: My Face Skincare Greatest Hits Remixed

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I also got this brow lifesaver in bulk!

Just a quick note to remember about skincare

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Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Gel

I got this bad baby in Soft Brown and have purchased it four times this year! It’s definitely something I’m using in between microshading visits. My ombré brows are fading, but have kept their beautiful shape, so I use it as an outline to fill in. This is such an essential that I will not forgo, because it’s so accessible and easy to use! I just paint it on and brush it in. It fits in my purse and is so easy to pack when traveling.

Bioderma Atoderm Shower Gel

I purchased the smaller version (the one on the right) originally and it blew me away. It gave me memories of hanging out with my female cousins, feeling clean before going to bed, and just being comfy at home. Those are probably one of my favorite feelings.

This body wash is a sanctuary for your senses and smells like you’re supposed to buy it in bulk for the rest of your life. I did. Stocked up. Ready to use in my bathroom forever. Though, I do alternate it with picks from here.

Pixi Beauty Retinol Toner

You can’t get rid of wrinkles, you can only prevent them.

Unless you go through extremees like face lift surgery or an exorbitant amount of filler. Even then there is only so much you can do. So I’m taking my first stab at preventing my skin from rotting the expedited way. I guess this is technically my second stab, because I have been making strides with SPF and re-applying it.

Toner is just the stuff that gets your face’s pH balance back after washing it. Now, I’m leveling up by giving it even more technical tasks to hopefully make a difference in my aging. I’m 26 now and want to be able to say I tried everything – it just didn’t / did work!

Herbivore Retinol Alternative Bakuchiol Serum

The name is just so gorgeous and fun to say: Bakuchiol! I haven’t done full research on why Bakuchiol is an alternative to Retinol. But I do know there’s a difference between Retinol and Retinal. Anyway, maybe people are allergic to it, but I’ll come back with a full review and how some seriously detailed review on whether it worked or now.

You guys know how thorough I am and love covering all my bases. All I know is I love this brand, have purchased pretty much all of their products, and haven’t been disappointed thus far!

This is also what I found just from Google:

Bakuchiol is a natural chemical compound extracted from the babchi plant (Psoralea corylifolia), native to India and Sri Lanka. It’s been studied for its antimicrobial properties since the 1970s, some of which have found it can be helpful in fighting certain types of cancers.

Tako Pore No Wash Cleansing Tisssues

I used this for the first time last night before bed, because I was having trouble standing. I was in too much pain from my surgery to stand in front of my sink and wash my face, so this was a pain saver! The wipes come in black and it’s so cool, because when you use them, it’s like seeing your makeup remove in negative film. They smelled lovely, like that clean smell that most makeup remover wipes have. I don’t know what the ingredient it is they use. It’s definitely something close to gentle soap – like Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo.

I also loved the price. $7! Was so used to $12 for 7 wipes to fit in your purse by fancy brands online. It drove me nuts! These did the job and were interesting to look at while doing it. These are a keeper, and if I still have discomfort when putting pressure on my legs, I’ll continue to purchase them. But for now, will wash my face in the mornings still!

Summer Fridays Amino Gel Cleanser

I could never understand why people pay $30+ for something that literally goes down the drain and doesn’t stay on their face for too long. Not like conditioner or a face mask that need a minute or few to work. But hey, I’ll try it before I knock it!

The story behind Summer Fridays is one of the best marketing ideas I ever heard and am all for it. Two influencers tried to create something ‘gram-able with font large enough to read and aesthetic enough for their feed. Now to see if the formula works, I’m starting the 30 Day Series to see if there are visible changes to my face. I just bought 2 Pixi Beauty cleansers that equated the price of this with tax included.

In the series, I try beauty items for 30 days straight – whether they are facial skincare, body care, hair care, or makeup – and see what the results are with photos on the days I use them. I really am interested to see what is worth buying again and helping people see if their beauty is actually doing something for the price! Stick around for this full review and subscribe now to my channel below to stay updated!

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Teami Green Tea Detox Mask

I was looking for a detox mask to clean my pores that was the Umbria clay mask. That is a $60 jar that I use every 2 days or so, and it goes fast. Which means so does my cash. Having to seek an alternative was not so daunting, but one as effective, we’ll have to see. I’m just so excited this is green tea! I love the smell and it looks so pretty. I like the simple things. Especially when you can stock up on $30 x 4 = a $120 per year mask.

This will also be in the 30 Day Try Out Review! I’m so excited to really get an understanding of how this will go down with all the before & after photos. Be sure to subscribe now to my channel to stay updated and save money with a proper understanding of what your beauty products can do for you.

Stay hydrated, my Femmes!

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