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In my Self Image Series (you can catch all the episodes here), I go into how to get pretty privilege by leveling up your hygiene. While creating this video, I also was suffering from not being able to shower for 4 weeks post operation (2 procedures in 1 surgery – you can watch the whole journey here). I wanted my sanity back along with practical luxuries to help me achieve that ultimate feeling of clean, feminine, and freshness!

The other thing is, I think it’s important to mix up our daily shower routine, because we literally use the products every single day. That means, probably out of all of our beauty products, these are the most used. I’ll have a few of these every other month or so that I replenish with new products, but go back to the OG ones that work for me.

You don’t have to spend your whole paycheck on feeling clean and confident. These picks I purchased with sampling in mind. This way I could go back and purchase the large family size version later. And if they don’t come in bigger portions, I will just stock up on, because some of these are real winners when it comes to essential beauty supplies for your daily routine. Get a load of my experience below!

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Products I’m Definitely Buying Again

This was my first haul, haven’t having done any self care shopping throughout the span of my surgery recovery. I especially needed these items to not only replace my dwindling shower essentials, but because I didn’t get to have a fluid, proper shower for 4 weeks. No joke.

The grime on my body was thick with oil, dirt, dead skin, and you could literally see the texture and color grey on the top layer of my body. It was itchy, mentally debilitating, and I wanted to shower so bad!

I needed to shower so bad and created multiple ways to use the same products in different ways. Making my money and appreciation go further for these beauty products that helped me get out of a funk. These are my saviour picks that are my go-to essentials when saving money, and stocking up on shower beauty supplies.

Bioderma: Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel 100 ml

This smells AMAZING!

The first time I used this, I had a smile on my face along with epiphany. This smells like that sweet girl you know who just got out of the shower. It could be your daughter, your cousin, or childhood friend. There’s something sentimental for me in the smell.

It ignited my senses to a point that I felt a sort of familial theme. I felt like I was comfortable at home with family, putting my pajamas on after a shower. Bumping to my female cousins in the hallway as we pass each other.

I ended up purchasing the larger 1 liter bottle here immediately. Next time, I’m definitely going to buy this in bulk and store them in my bathroom cabinet. This is nostalgia, cleanliness, and comfort in a bottle.

The Perfect V: VV Cream Gentle Wash

I opened it: another smelling good-er. It’s milky, creamy, gentle, softer than gel, and makes me feel like a princess. It smelled like flowers! But not too strong. It just smelled naturally gentle and was very gentle, just how I needed. It wasn’t like yogurt though. Some brands call their products “probiotics” and then are basically a jar of yogurt *cough Korres*.

I’m in love with this brand. First, I love that the brand is focused on creating something luxurious and thoughtful as vaginal care. We should all treat our vajeen as luxury.

After surgery (you can watch the whole journey here), I was having difficulty cleaning my private areas.

  1. Because I wasn’t allowed to power shower at all. Only baby wipes and wash clothes. Dipping my head under the removable shower head.
  2. It’s an area that’s so close to my stitches.
  3. I couldn’t reach. Literally. Sometimes I had to bend over backwards. After surgery, I didn’t really have the ability to be that flexible and see everything. My hands were my eyes.

Yes, I will always be completely transparent with you, because how else are you going to have a decent understanding of this review? Your need for it may be greater than mine, so here are all the details always.

The fact that this cream was so decadent and easily spreadable made it easy for me to reach all the places I couldn’t see and was a life saver. I left the shower smelling good. I just wish it was in a bigger bottle so I could have it for longer, and stock up with a rapture level amount.

Another thing I absolutely love about the brand is THEY’RE DANISH! I opened up the little pamphlet the beautiful baby peach squeeze bottles it comes with and it had that familiar format and writing I could spot from a mile away. I then googled the brand to find out they’re Danish. I felt at home and my love for this brand skyrocketed to level 100. I currently have their whole suite of products in my cart and leaving a review for each. I’m instantly obsessed.

Cleanse, tone and refresh your intimate area with The Perfect V VV Cream Gentle Wash. Peach Kernel Oil and Glycerin formulate a gentle cream to moisturize, prevent in-grown hairs and restore skin back to its natural pH balance. Boosted by Rosa Damascena Flower Water, the hydrating formula conditions, leaving a light, fresh scent to the most delicate parts of your skin.

Maling + Goetz: Eucalyptus Hand & Body Wash

This formula is so thick and I love it, because it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting away the body wash. I’m used to watery cleansers that just slide into the shower drain along with my hopes and dreams for a good scrubbing. I add this to my body brush to reach on my upper back to exfoliate. It’s a dream body wash for me, because the viscosity really gives a good lather.

I buy this with another body wash – I always have to have two – and alternate to keep things exciting. I’ve tried every scent, it’s a subtle fragrance, and have never been disappointed. This is definitely worth the money. Stocking up for life. It already is added to my cart for future purchase in bulk.

Love Wellness: Good Girl Probiotics

I’ve had this in stock all year long now. Sometimes I’ll be working extremely long hours in my home office and not even getting up to stretch without realizing. It makes this not so fresh down there, or on the edge and I always shower right away when I get that feeling.

But this takes it a step further. I’ve also stopped sitting in the office chair for hours on end and actually work standing up quite a bit since my operation. I always have these babies on hand as an emergency route – not as the main reliable source for vaginal health. That dependable stalwart source is just taking a shower, and giving the regular old shower routine some luxury with The Perfect V Gentle Cleanser above!

I don’t use this every single day, but always seem to have some around in either the kitchen or my bedroom. It’s an absolute life saver when your flora feels out of balance and you need an extra kick getting back in shape down there.

Caudalie: Vinoperfect Dark Spot Serum

I’ve been using this on and off for years now. On and off because I switch it up using it in the cooler seasons and use the Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum in the warmer seasons as a lighter serum base.

Years ago when I first used it, I saw immediate changes within the first few days. Lately, I think it’s plateaudd, but I do still see a visible alteration when I do use it. The change is strong when I don’t use it, because the dark areas create hard contours of my face in all the worst ways. Fighting hyperpigmentation is a journey, and this is one of the products that has genuinely helped me see a fighting chance.

If you had a baby before, you might know what it’s like to have melasma. I use this in between IPL photofacial treatments and can apply mostly one colour foundation or concealer because of this. I stand by this OG serum of mine!

Serum is the one part of the routine that’s the most expensive monetarily. But I don’t mind, because if it has a high ratio of active ingredients versus dormant, it’s a technical specialty contributing value in my book.

Bioderma: Makeup Removing Wipes

These aren’t available on Revolve anymore, because I got the last ones haha and they’re SOLD OUT!

I’m so happy I snatched the last of these, because I forgot what it’s like to even own makeup remover wipes. I recently went back and purchased this brand in the image above.

Remember how I said I’m adding these to cart later? I actually did add all of these lifetime supply items and purchased them already. I mean, they already arrived. Who doesn’t love Revolve Beauty’s FREE 2 day shipping?

Other wipes for some reason were $12 for 7 wipes which really annoyed me. I made sure to find something with 30 wipes for less. These were $9. Couldn’t be happier when I save money and solve my problem!

I know people are very averse to makeup remover wipes because of the waiast, but they have to consider that I had a double procedure surgery where I couldn’t even stand. I had the mirror by my bedside and these wipes in my nightstand. I literally would wipe off my makeup while lying down in bed.

At the beginning of the evenings was when the pain would become more prominent and I had to be bed-ridden. But not just that, I was using the makeup remover wipes mostly to wipe makeup off my hands from mixing foundation when I was lying in bed applying my face. These were a literal lifesaver and now I bought only one more pack of wipes, because I still have some discomfort to endure when standing too long.

Things I Won’t Buy Again

Caudalie: Vinoperfect Instant Brightening Moisturizer

Come on, Caudalie! I love this brand so much, but they really failed me here. This formula was a disappointment, because it just seemed to lather and sit on top of my face rather than fully absorb. I noticed this with a lot of brightening products, specifically moisturizers.

I’ve tried so many brightening moisturizers and they mostly have similar ingredients. Some sort of vitamin C with a citrus origin. That’s fine with me, but it didn’t do what it said it was going to do – moisturize.

This didn’t do anything for me, and it was so expensive too! I really wanted to love this and it was a part of the Vinoperfect collection where the serum worked wonders for me. It’s confusing. Next time I’m going to get a small sample and try it out.

Bangn Body: Smooth Skin Scrub

I just thought this was ok as I was testing and experimenting with new products. I was specifically trying to replace my original body and face exfoliator for something cheaper and equally effective. It does double duty for both, which made me excited. But the particles feel like actual sand and broken glass from the beach haha. It really was on the bigger and stronger side for my body, but when applied to my face, the beads weren’t fine enough to really get everything off.

This is better for the body, getting in-growns out or feeling smooth. But it’s a different story for the moneymaker AKA face. I don’t hate it, but I also don’t love it. It’s just something fun and extra to have on hand in the bath or shower.

Caudalie: Vinoperfect Deep Cleansing Exfoliator

This wasn’t a failure! This was just me experimenting once again to find something to replace my OG face exfoliator for something cheaper and possibly equally or more effective. I love this brand and always have high hopes.

I just had two issues with it:

  1. It dried up so fast and flaked everywhere.
  2. The beads weren’t fine enough to get all the dead skin off my face.

When I scrub my face, I sit there for a good 5 minutes, trying to get everything off too. I love exfoliating and do it at least twice a week. I’m serious when it comes to my exfoliating, because of melasma. Those dark unnecessary contours need to go away on my face. It makes me look older, with uneven skin tone, and just unhealthy. I don’t like looking sick.

A way I made it go further was simply by adding my other gel cleanser to the product and it went further, but the exfoliating factor was taken away. So I was just using that cleanser all over again.

I’m sticking to my old exfoliator and won’t spend my money on this again.

When it comes to your beauty journey of discovering what you like, I hope you find something that works for you and solves your problems. That’s all I ever wanted. It’s quite simple. And mixing it up in the shower makes for interesting experiences positive or negative.

Thanks for letting me share these picks with you! I’ve never been so passionate about something I’m realizing to be so important. People have been either completely neglecting themselves since these strange times, but I’m one of the people who did the complete opposite.

Here’s to you and your leveling up! Stay hydrated, my Femmes.

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