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I’ve been a shopper at Prettylittlething for years. I remember I had my first apartment, opened my Poshmark store and would have little get togethers with girlfriends to give them clothes left over that didn’t sell. Every time they asked where an item was from, it was always PLT!

This is the online retailer that started my journey as a feminine fashion stylist at LA parties. I wasn’t a stylist – only for myself – but everyone asked where I got a certain dress, or I could feel all eyes on me at a rooftop Mondrian SkyBar party.

When it was time for my girlfriends’ birthdays, or just because, I always would gift a little something special from Prettylittlething. They’d send me photos of them wearing it later as a thank you. That feeling of making my girls look and feel fabulous has never gone away. I even started a life styling and empowering coaching program from it!

The sleek micro mini

As a petite figure standing at 5’2.5″ (it says ‘and a half’ everywhere I check), the micro mini is my best friend for making it appear as if my legs go on forever. I’m really loving this Princess Jasmine blue, as I like to call it. It really highlights my hair and dark eyes to make them really contrasted in such feminine pastel tones.

The cropped cashmere cardigan is J.Crew and one of my all time favourites. I have a whole haul coming up soon so be sure to subcsribe here!

These platform mules are also a giant help considering they blend in with my legs’ tone. Mules usually break up my stature when it comes to where the design starts around my ankles, but these still manage to make me look dainty. I feel like Regina George in this ensemble and to be honest, this is how I always feel on the inside.

The ribbed mini dress

This dress is such a power play. It was empowering how short it is, but it might be a little too short – even for me?! When you have an F cup chest and shapely bottom, it gives your clothes extra curves to lift and rises higher than on the model. I like to use fashion tape to keep the hem in place. Something my girlfriend taught me when I saw her fix it in the bathroom at a dinner. She used fashion tape on her thigh high boots to stay up. Genius!

Just as a heads up, this ribbed mini dress is probably best to wash and dry on high heat. I like to hang dry my clothes sometimes, but not all polyester is created equally, and we can’t take our chances. I was also pleasantly surprised at how elegant this dress was going to be. It doesn’t show off everything, aside from being short, and the design is so grown up. It’s more refined with the neckline design, and I’m a fan of it. Very thought out, yet still soft and approachable.

The bodycon tshirt dress

This dress came in two colours, though I could not really tell which was which. One was stone, the other was sage. It feels like wannabe wool, but is thin and really see through. I did not see the point of wearing this dress out, so I kept one and made it a lounge dress. Just for at home.

You’ll definitely need some nude seamless undies for this (also more linked below if you keep scrolling). This dress reminded me of some SKIMS dresses I bought the season prior to have something to lounge in at home. The material was so soft and boundlessly comfortable.

The lavender floral cutout halter dress

The fact that the title of this dress was so long might be a good thing for SEO, but is a key indicator for how much is going on with this garment. If you notice in this post and in general, i’m a die hard fan of simple silhouettes rather than complicated works of teenage art liket his one.

This lavender style is very Gen Z friendly and a bit on the kitschy, trendy side. I’m not a fan of novelty straps and a lot going on when it comes to the neckline, and ruching, and puff sleeves, and keyhole cutout. There’s just too much for me to maintain with this look. Rather than focusing on what I’m doing, I’d probably be adjusting something on this dress constantly. This is definitely cute for someone younger who has time to, say I don’t know, not run a business.

The perfect slinky slit mini skirt!

I’m in love! The perfect piece and colour to go from day to night. It is this beautiful warm tone (I’m a neutral as you can see me donning green and blush together above). This skirt has the teensiest bit of shimmer in it, so it’s probably better for after 6pm, but I’m a die hard for this confusing colour. It’s light to medium flesh tone nude to blush pink, but definitely a neutral nude for warmer tones.

It makes your legs look long, because you can really adjust the ruching and sizing. Though that was part of my issue with this skirt. If I adjust it how I like it just right, it looks fine. If I let it drape the way it does naturally after putting it on, it looks a little long and awkward, but I don’t mind the sacrifice with this skirt, because it’s flattering either way. It’s not too big of a deal, because it’s stunning, and also really slinky and comfortable to move around in.

The platform mules go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe, so I will find reasons to wear this all season long. They’re insanely flattering and I ended up keeping both mules, because they really do belong in my wardrobe considering how often I wear bone white shoes! The silhouette isn’t anything too crazy, but I guess that’s something I like about it. It gets so many jobs done without adding discomfort or a sense of datedness to my style.

The two things I didn’t keep

The green corset dress I didn’t keep, because it was only afterward that I realized I ordered it in the wrong orientation. The sizing was meant for a tall fit, but even with regular dimensions I suffer as a petite person. Although I could not carry the dress, I was in love with the yellow flowers. The corset was way too long for my frame.

As for the long sleeve cutout dress, this was way too see through. the fit was fabulous, though it showed everything that not even nude seamless undies could salvage.

The tassel micro mini skirt

I really wanted to love this skirt. Oh no – nothing ever goes right when you start off a haul with those words! But it came SO BEAT UP. Who ordered this, caught the tassels up and dragged them out?

It has defects and stains as if they were purchased before, maybe even used, and returned. These had ruching on one side that was not too much and still flattering, which I thought was clever, but the overall feeling was like waring old drapes from grandma’s house.

Instantly put it back in the parcel after trying it on. The fit was fantastic, but not it. It was too far gone with the damage.

I hope you enjoyed this haul as much as I loved bouncing around in the items while listening to music to shoot this! Now I feel so fulfilled when it comes to feminine styles to wear this week. I am definitely in my LA girl element when it comes to Prettylittlething. Let me know in the comments below which styles were your favourite and least favourite. I always love hearing from you!

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