Platform Heels & Satin Pumps Haul: Elegant Shoes for Work & Weddings

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I was on the hunt for some styles that go with absolutely everything. But also cover your toes, because dressing etiquette guidelines are to protect your feet from pollution and sharp things in the city! To learn more about dressing etiquette, you can join my finishing school here.

Some people say platforms are not elegant, but I think they have to be carefully considered. A way to make sure they remain in the realm of class and polish is by finding a pair that are closed toed. You can also style them with conservative outfits as long flare trousers, pallazzo trews, or anything long and flowing. This way they do not come off as trying to get negative attention as one would suspect when paired with a short and tight skirt.

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These shoes are insanely versatile considering they match everything in my closet. Particularly the satin pointed pumps are getting away with being worn religiously. There is something about satin elevating any ensemble. Whether it’s your dress or shoes. The rhinestone is the perfect embellishment to class it up on an evening out. It’s also an extra feminine detail that is super grown up. The tone makes the pump fun, especially when you go for wild prints and colours as the red floral heels do.

More is more. At this point, I think the satin pump is my go-to for my life’s capsule wardrobe. Anna Wintour has the bob and shades. Gia G. Dixon has the satin rhinestone pumps. I can see myself at the opera, hosting a big family dinner, or simply in my at-home office as I tap away on my keyboard.

My eyes are getting dry from having stared at these shoes for so long in the video and not blinking haha. They are eye-wateringly stunning and making my coming-of-quarter-life-crisis age more fabulous with every step. To choose a favourite heel from this haul, I’d have to say it would be the irridescent camel rhinestone pumps, because the square plaque is so classic and I have fantastic memories of my summer London trip in these babies. For now. I am sure as time passes and I wear the variety of heels in this haul with multiple outfits, I’ll change my mind.

Which pair is your favourite? Do you have multiple loves? Let me know in the comments below, because I would be absolutely thrilled to hear from you! My readers always have incredible taste after all.

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