Pink & Girly Amazon Finds: Glamorous Home Office Ideas

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What’s inside?

All things blush, feminine and glamorous of course!

  • Chic home decor & furniture
  • Fashion essentials (duh)
  • Glamorous office finds
  • Wardrobe care gadgets
  • Beauty + beauty tools
  • All kinds of inspiring books
  • Elegant kitchen supplies
  • Pink and girly high quality tech
  • Health equipment & vitamins
  • Travel gear

and so much more. 

It’s pretty much a centre for all things glam.

girly and feminine amazon finds
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Let me know your favourites in the comments below. I’d love to know your thoughts!

My heart and soul went into The Glam Shop creating a space to be a wonderful homemaker, a focused executive, stylish babe and brilliant hostess.

Living the glamorous life does not have to be expensive. It does not mean cluttering your space with designer, expensive logos. It truly is surrounding yourself with things that elevate your life (i.e., steamer that is cute and blush so you want to see it and use it) and high quality things you can afford.

pink and girly amazon finds
pink and girly amazon finds
pink and girly amazon finds

I remember I once purchased a dress that was $800+. It was incredibly exorbitant, a beautiful design but didn’t even fit me well. It was meant for a much taller figure. Furthermore, I also couldn’t appreciate it, because I felt it was too precious to dance and maneuver around in. It meant I could not afford it, because I was not comfortable even using it, so I returned it.

pink and girly amazon finds

The Glam Shop was specifically curated to have a range of prices and styles not only I could personally relate to, but what I still thought was high quality. Everything in the shop to me was a resounding ‘yes’ when I purchased the items. You will find me in my home office more than in any other room, so these were a wise investment for me, personally. I also have multiple of my Amazon favourites all around the house to liven up and mix up certain spaces to make loved ones and guests extra comfortable.

pink and girly amazon finds
pink and girly amazon finds

Remember you can keep coming back to The Glam Shop to fuel your femininity and even use it as a vision board for what you appreciate in a beautiful space to call your own in the home. I hope you find something you love that makes you feel as excited as I do when creating a glamorous life.

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pink and girly amazon finds

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