Outdoor Hosting Favourites To Keep Guests Coming Back

Here are some of my go-to essentials when hosting outdoors. These help make my life easier when entertaining, protecting my family and friends from the sun, and some delicious alternatives to your average delicacies.

outdoor hosting

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Tips for hosting outdoors

  1. We lose a lot of sweat when outdoors, so offer saltier foods or options for stronger tasting condiments.
  2. Make sure your guests truly stay hydrated and avoid handing out too much alcohol with a balance of nonalcoholic options as juice, sparkling tea, and water.
  3. Offer variations of sun protection as awnings, umbrellas, broad spectrum, hats, or any type of canopy shade.
  4. Let nature do the talking and pick flowers or greenery to lay flat on the table. You can also let guests take them home. Decorations and party favours do not have to be fancy.
  5. Have plenty of different sorts of seating to let people mingle and mix around the outdoor space. You can simply bring your indoor furniture outdoors if they are performance materials.

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Gia G. Dixon
Gia G. Dixon

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