One Luxuriously Chic Way To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

This sounds like it makes zero sense, but it’s for those who don’t understand smoking at all. And it’s also a salute to the smokers and former smokers. I’m saying hello online as I can’t officially present myself in person to you in our secret meetings outside from the rest of the world, since I don’t smoke anymore.

There are so many reasons I quit smoking 3 years ago and am proud of it. Recently, I’ve been in and out of contemplating lighting up as I always keep a pack in the freezer or in the drawer with lighters around my home. To remind myself that I have the option but overcome it realizing I don’t have to do it. Nothing is more empowering than watching yourself make a healthy choice in real time.

Why I Told Myself Before That It’s Okay To Smoke

Balconies aren’t for quick deaths like jumping. They’re for slow deaths like smoking.

Erik Van de Westeringh

I didn’t have enough money for food, so maybe this pack I’ve stored away would curb my appetite.

This is true. I’ve struggled so much where it was to the point all I could afford was rent and bills with nothing left over. Going negative in my bank account was something very familiar as I fought to pay for a sandwich. All I could afford was a pack of cookies or loaf of bread. This lead to being on the verge of diabetes.

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When I was newly married, my husband couldn’t afford extra either and spending time with him meant I took more time off work. I couldn’t even cover the bills this time which was a huge mistake. On top of it all, when I had some food, I would save some on my plate for leftovers, but my husband was never one to contain himself and ate what was left on my plate.

Being married 3 years, I’ve haven’t been fully able to eat what I want even after struggling for anorexia for 9 years before this. I told myself I wasn’t hungry by closing the hunger gap with a smoke for many nights. And when I stopped smoking and stomach would growl, I covered it up with coffee and tea to feel full.

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How I Quit

Cashmere saved my life. This sounds silly, but investing in a quality piece of clothing that you prize–probably over your health–might save your health.

I saved for this breathable, organic material in my wardrobe to make sure that I not only stay on top of sustaining a beautiful earth, but also my health. My clothes are something I’ve worked extremely hard for and use everyday in a small capsule (about 10 items to be exact). I don’t want to tarnish them in any shape or form. This includes having them smell or have any discoloration occur because of a few puffs every now and again.

If you have a nice car or home you that you don’t want to let smell like death, utilize this strategy to push yourself into outweighing this nasty habit. If you don’t care for your body, at least care for your clothes. Use all the quality material things–including your body–as leverage to not want to ruin them and make them smell like smoke.

Don’t want to always have to take your beautiful wool sweater to the cleaners? Quit smoking.

Don’t want your hair to smell when you meet family later? Drop the lighter.

Just installed a new wallpaper and hired a really expensive interior designer to furnish your place with a beautiful couch that cost a fortune? Put the pack away.

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More Reasons To Love Your Body & Cashmere

I’m so glad we’re now in the cooler weather, but is still beautiful outside (thank you, Los angeles). There is no time of year better to watch out for your health than in the colder seasons, because

  1. Why would you want to go outside and smoke when you can stay warm and cosy indoors?
  2. You have the perfect excuse to whip out your cashmere favourites!

Smoking doesn’t only affect your skin, your loved ones in the same home, your ability to have children. It affects your self image and how you see yourself in your smelly, grey clothes. I didn’t mean for it to sound that way, but I also did to make you laugh and feel the obvious reasoning to quit.

I hope you find some solace in the beautiful things that not only level up your wardrobe, but your all around health and self image. Some people say they want a long life, but I think it’s more important to have a long, healthy life.

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Are you a smoker? Do you know anyone who’s a smoker and want to help them be healthier? I’d love to know more in the comments about how you curb the habit!

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