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I never understood why people who did not have much would spend $5,000 on a dress as seen through the lens of wedding dress television shows. A dress worth more than their car (even though they paid much more than it was worth off the lot) sitting in their driveway made me question all of the decisions these consumers prioritised in life. 

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If you have the money, it makes sense. But when family members are scrounging their life savings together for a dress you will only wear once does not. The only exception I can justify for someone to do this is if generations afterward plan on having more daughters to pass the gown down to. However, this is not guaranteed in an ethical world, so it is back to square one not making sense again. This is why I wanted to give you a glimpse of a handful of stunning wedding frock options to mark your special day.

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Finding a dress to symbolise the occasion, but the entire affair is not to be based on it. How you glow, move, and the two of you together on your wedding day is what people will be paying attention to. Sure, make the dress a head-turning sight, but it is not absolutely worth blowing your wedding budget. Everyone will have a great time notwithstanding what you are wearing, as long as it is you. 

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When saving money on a wedding dress, you can even splurge on something for the reception and be able to move around when dancing. I have been to weddings where a bride looks like a princess, but then has a hard time actually getting close to her loved ones, because she is in thousands of layers of tulle. To each their own, of course. I feel like she was holding back, because she wanted to wear the dress the whole day, instead of being practical with a more mobile gown. Princesses still wear sleek garments to red carpets.

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A trick to finding wedding dresses is simply finding a white dress that does not necessarily have the label ‘wedding’ on it. Once that word is on the tag, the price hikes up a few percentages, and the marketing is suddenly glamourised. You can find any dress of any shade of white, off white, cream, or ivory to suit your wedding day and reception without the classification. That makes it stand out more, because it is uniquely chosen by you, curated and styled in a more personal sense that was not given by a designer.

As someone who hates being told what to wear, following trends, and falling for marketing, I believe you can feel like a princess without a cupcake dress or hyped up wedding brand. You can still incorporate tradition by thinking outside the box. Save your pennies to contribute to the experience of the occasion rather than the tangible things you will only keep in your closet. There is so much more to a wedding than a dress you cannot afford.

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