Nordstrom Beauty Haul: Westman Atelier Foundation, Mascara, and Aerin Lip Balm

I thought it was ridiculous to buy a beauty routine that is $400 for the basics. Then I looked at my thousand dollar Loro Piana suede mules and realised — I’m the ridiculous one. Why not spend retail for your skin? This is what I like to call my ‘money maker’. My face.

Here is my mind-blowing review of Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin Foundation and Eye Love You Mascara. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

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Let’s just dive into why I got the Aerin Rose Lip Balm first.

Aerin is a beauty brand I have been loyal to for years now. I got a free sample of the rose lip balm along with this purchase of the actual item. It is ideal to share the mini version in a stocking stuffer as part of the wonderful beauty samples and gifts I included for my family. Not to mention the rose body and hand cream that was a part of the free samples to arrive in a set with the lip care product.

I love all things rose and even thought of starting something called The Rose Shop on this blog where it has all my favourite items that smell and taste like rose. But that’s for another day.

For everyone who knows me personally, or is familiar with my presence on YouTube knows I live my life in rose. This lip balm is so rich and nourishing. The only other consistency comparable to how lavish this lip balm is Vaseline. But without the taste. And with the gorgeous packaging. And smells like my favourite flower.

It has no taste. The thickness is almost viscous like chocolate. But thicker and more solid. It’s everything a luxurious lip balm needs to be in gilded branding for the elegant femme fatale.

Now for the Vital Skin Foundation by Westman Atelier.

I had to re-evaluate all the situations and beauty decisions I’ve ever made in my life. This pioneer in potent pigment along with a clean beauty balance of just the right amount of synthetics blew my mind.

Sometimes synthetics are man-made, yes, but they can be better than natural products for human skin. It’s funny how clean beauty myths work. We want all the things that aren’t harmful to us, but sometimes those are things that necessarily are lab-grown. Kind of like diamonds, but I’ll save that for another post.

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The Vital Skin Foundation

I applied the product straight from the bullet as I normally do with my concealer and foundation sticks. It had a surprising amount of pigment and generous give as it easily marked my dark spots. The liberal application was smooth without having to fight the product out onto my skin, pressing down hard, as other solid skin pigments incumbently make you do.

I’m so bored of having to ruin my young layers of skin by cleaning twice as hard to remove makeup off, because of difficult application. that’s all in the past now. This slides even smoother than butter.

It’s a tad more slippery when it touches your skin which is how I think makeup should be. Easy. Literally a swipe will go a long way. I was pleasantly surprised at the performance of this foundation, its packaging, ease of putting it away, not losing the pieces or making it messy. The magnetic cap makes a world of difference and is an elegant stroke of genius.

Gucci Westman’s worldly experience as a makeup artist, having been in the business for decades, really shines through in this brilliant product. I realised I cannot live without it, did another detox of my beauty products to get rid of items I do not need, and went on the Nordstrom app to look at more of her life’s work.

I’m definitely going back to slowly collect the daily beauty I use such as brushes, lip suedes, eye pods, and anything she recommends on her blog. I haven’t trusted a clean beauty brand more. No – a beauty brand more. This should be the new standard, and it now is in my makeup repertoire.

I got Atelier I and Atelier II. Atelier I suits my better and blends in looking insanely natural.

Where to shop these beauties: I personally would shop them directly from Goop, Sephora, or Nordstrom where I purchased this haul.

I keep a photo album in my phone of all my purchases filled with screenshots of my recent purchases that have not arrived yet to keep track of when the item will arrive. All week I was on my toes looking forward to this parcel, and was so excited to carefully open this holy grail of a beauty haul.

Eye Love You Mascara

The Eye Love You Mascara is so stunning with its metallic tube and engraved branding. It even comes with its own dust bag to protect from your other beauty bag cosmetics. I love this. Taking care of my beauty products to last me even longer and appreciate their presence in my vanity. I love owning and looking at beautiful things, and I’m more likely to use them.

This clean mascara is powerful, voluminous, and defining at the same time. Pretty much everything I look for in a lash product. You can’t go wrong. I was a bit hesitant, because I quit black mascara a while ago. But I have been dying my hari blue-black as of late and think it suits my colour season better. 

I plan to purchase her brushes, because I have cheap Amazon brushes that come in a set of a random bunch. I am very much a person who prefers to have less and high quality, rather than a ton of cheap things I am not fond of. After all, they are made by the oldest brush maker in Japan and she said the margins were thin. She was losing money on her entrepreneurial ideas, but the performance of her product pulled through and then some!

It was a bit of a pain to apply, and my cheap synthetic brushes took a bit of extra time to blend in the product more than usual. Since they are such high quality and I trust anything she says, these brushes will do no wrong in my eyes so far. I can’t wait to have another Westman Atelier clean beauty haul!

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