New Year, New Me, New All-Black Wardrobe Haul! 

I have been dying to wear black, and share this with you. For those of you who know me personally or have followed me for a bit, you know that I love wearing colour. Most of my capsule wardrobe, in fact, is white. Pastels are my neutrals, and white is the star of the show.

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For work, I am having a little bit of addition to my career, and wearing black means being taken seriously in a negotiation, and closing a huge deal. I want to be like a lawyer where I walk in the room and everyone immediately hates me, because they know I mean business. Yes, I know it’s a stereotype, but black definitely adds a sense of aggression without having to speak.

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After all, the first impression people make of you is within 3.5 seconds. You do not have time to explain yourself. Black also adds mystery and a more subdued appeal. My features are of a deep winter’s, so using black in my colour season is something that makes me look healthy, vibrant, and stand out naturally.

Here are all the brands I could not get enough of from this haul in particular:

  1. Quince
  2. Los Angeles Apparel
  3. Lilysilk
  4. Express
  5. J.Crew
  6. Givenchy

These were all my favourite pieces I ended up keeping for good reason. Quality is my top priority, because something can be beautiful but fall apart. Also, when I see something that is poly-blend wannabe leather, the first time you will see it as show stopping or stunning is the only time you will see it. At the beginning of the relationship and the wear goes downhill from there. 

Clothes being well-made so you can look good for as long as you live is my moda operandi, because I simply do not bow to the will of trends and people telling you what to wear. It is so boring, and I actually have taste of my own haha. Truly. Finding your signature style is freeing.


I keep going back to this online store for quality silk and cashmere to buy gifts for others and myself. There were so many items in this haul that cost a small fortune of $67 for a dress, yet one beautifully made silk item (as my skirt) was only $49,90. There is simply no excuse for being able to afford practical, stylish, natural fibers.

In my own closet, there is an all-silk pattern recurring and part of it is due to this wonderful retailer. They take out the middle man and marketing budget so that you can have all the silk and cashmere everyday styles to bring to your wardrobe.

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Los Angeles Apparel

My OG representation of where I come from: Los Angeles Apparel. They make high quality clothes meant for everyday wear with iconic silhouettes, and transparently made garments. In addition, the dyes of their thick, stretchy cotton bodysuits get me every time. The hues are rich, abundant, and you know I absolutely love my options. 

The second-skin feel of their designs makes me feel so comfortable, keeps everything in place, and are a matter of fact go-to essential for workwear. I wear their bodysuits specifically to not have to tuck my shirt in throughout the day and constantly adjust. It saves me trips to the bathroom or awkward encounters in my car with someone who spots me.

Pleated skirts are a must if you want to look conservative yet fun. Especially when the length, colours, and patterns give you options for a more casual or dressed up look. The fit is always immaculate, and every stitch if well made. I cannot rave enough about this brand, their clothes, and how they send you e-mails with an inside look of their factories and literally introduce you to the lovely workers who make your style come to life.


This brand is newer to me, and I am pleasantly surprised at their products. The make in their jacket, gloves, and dresses I thought were lucky first impressions. But purchasing their blazer much later after my order of their dresses and gave me a new outlook on their quality. 

I am a huge lover of jackets and the English invention of suiting. For now, I am looking for made-to-measure trousers made of wool and several other materials, because I have too many jackets haha. My first impression of this navy double breasted blazer was positive. It is in the Italian style and a bit more formal without venting. Also, I liked the fit considering it is slim fit, and it really pulled in my waist. But still with enough room to wear a layer of cashmere sweater underneath.

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A contrasting velvet and ‘tweed’ single breasted blazer made me look like a polished equestrian queen. I loved it. The weight, the structure of the shoulders, how I could still layer with it, and the beautiful dye of blue-based black is everything I need for where I live now. It is aggressive enoguh to be taken seriously (the goal of this haul), put together enough to look like it was made for me, and feminine enough with the cut. The decency of the length is what made it for me.

Last year, I used to think that Express was a hyped up bigger sister of Forever 21 – a place where I shopped for years that did not have the best quality. However, as time goes on, I am finding a deeper respect for the make of this jacket. Especially when it comes to their higher priced items. They know what they are selling when it comes to the make, materials, and style. This jacket is definitely a hit.


Raving about J.Crew like I get paid for it is a consistency on this blog. You will find my favourites from J.Crew cashmere in The Uniform. For this haul, I got the navy cashmere cropped cardigan. I have been eyeing it for a while now. Over two years to be exact, and I took the final plunge when realising how chic black and navy look together. Oh, Chanel, you did this to me. 

Similar to all my other J.Crew cashmere crewnecks and cardigans, this is ultimately it. The piece to drape flatteringly on your figure, a colour to keep things professional and subdued at the office, and perfect for layering when it is freezing outside. Staying warm, healthy, and stylish has never been easier with this gorgeous must-have.


Who would have thought? I found this masterpiece from Vestiaire Collective, and you can see my full review in this haul post. Hubert de Givenchy was one of those superbly individual designers who knew what a standout piece was while still laying low. You notice and do a double take sort of clothes. 

I always wanted to embody Holly Golightly in the not so obvious manner, but change Tiffany & Co. for the office, or the countryside, or the date night with this wool jacket. It’s a stunner with the black on black and matte buttons. I feel like Kris Jenner, and there is nothing more formidable than wearing black on black in a negotiation without having a hair out of place. This jacket not only makes me feel warm, but strong. Feminine yet infallible. On top of it all, I got it for $92 and cannot wait to wear it to death.

Unsung heroes

Lulu’s crewneck dress: This is so stretchy, comfortable, and conservative enough for the office. I feel like I can dance like Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face wearing this dress. I have nothing to fear, and can express myself without showing anything or look unflattering. Is that even possible? With this dress, indubitably. 

Shein black design hairbands: I dug these babies up in my recent move across the country and could not be happier I made these purchases for $1.50. I do not shop there anymore, but was grateful to find something to keep my hair out of my face, so I simply avoid constantly fidgeting at work. My priority is people to instantly see my smile, and helping them out without distraction.

Amazon tights: We cannot overlook the protocols of covering one’s legs properly, and I am endlessly thankful for the small business who took the courage and time to post their products on Amazon. As a business owner myself, I appreciate the hard work of these small mom and pop industries that provide the essentials of ladies’ underwear to make us look like a million bucks. 

I love these all-black tights for Winter, and my skin colour’s tights for the rest of the year when I do not plan to wear the darkest hue. However, most of the Earth’s orbit around the sun – 10 months to be exact – I will most likely be donning these tights. The fit, style, and sheerness is my cup of tea, and this brand is officially my go-to for such necessities without a doubt.


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