My Silk Dress Reformation Haul: Forever Items For Every Occasion

Just as a heads up, not all items are silk, but they’re sustainable. Some of the materials are from plants and processed. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

I recently replaced a ton of items in my closet, because I realised I had zero natural items, was sweating constantly in unbreathable fabrics, and was uncomfortable in my old clothes. They were trendy, synthetic fibers, not breathable, un-American. Why do I state this?

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Recently, I declared how I am only slow shopping for forever items when I do make purchases, and from now on only buy items that:

  • appreciate in value
  • are natural or mostly natural materials
  • are American brands
  • I can wear into the ground until they’re worn

There are so many items I do not use, and occasionwear is a big part of that section I barely glance at on the regular. This Reformation haul was one that I carefully thought about for months, thinking of all the various ways I can style each item, and live my life in them. This includes being able to move, dance, pick up little babies, run to the grocery store, and host parties.

Questions Answered

Can I travel with these dresses? Are they elegant enough to wear to a very special event? Are they casual enough to pass as glam casual? Yes to everything!

This is one of the things I absolutely love about the LA-based brand. They’re ten steps ahead to creating timeless designs that are classic, but cool and edgy girls or super feminine ladies can wear. You can be whoever you want in these femme fatale looks, and I am here for it.

As you can see, the silk items are warm variations of blush, there’s a nude subtle ruffle midaxi, and a powerful blue to put anyone I cross into a good mood. I wanted some versatile pieces that I could be caught wearing and say, ‘Oh, this old thing?’. Sprezzaturra.

What shoes should I pair these with?

Knee high boots, ballet flats, loafers, hiking boots. Anything but ankle boots, because I think ankle boots are gross with dresses. Mary Jane stilettoes. Chunky Mary Janes. Very much yes. I can see these dresses going in so many directions, which is why I deliberately chose hems way past the knees. Being 5’2.5″, this is easy to do especially when it comes to being elegant. Want to be elegant really easily? Wear something classic and cover up.

The ultimate shoe to go from day to night and saved me space traveling was and is a pair of satin pumps with a rhinestone embellishment at the front. Works every time.

Timeless Touches

When it’s cold, a long tailored coat or short aviator leather jacket could suffice. But i like to add a little bit more extravagance by staying on top of my appendages. There’s an expression I picked up from living in. the Nordics:

There’s no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.

Everyone in the Nordics.

I like to pair these dresses with a polished city hat and leather gloves. Eugenia Kim makes feminine styles a thousand times more elegant and dressed up rather than the casual hats I usually see people wear who think they’re being dressed up. Something still feels lacking. Eugenia Kim fixes that. She makes a heck of a proper city cap. They’re also so much more feminine with delicate touches and make the put together style look more custom to the lady donning the headpiece.

Gloves are a must. I always have a pair in my car, in my bag, and luggage. I recently picked up these Portolano beauties as I thought about getting leather tech gloves. But realised I want to be in the moment ad not have to use my phone when I am outside anyway. If I do, I simply remove my gloves, or use my nose to press buttons haha. Hey, it works.

A 100% silk trench coat? Yes, please. Got this baby from M. M. LaFleur, another American brand I’m supporting, because I have been obsessed with all of my past three purchases from them within the past two months. Their silk is unbelievable. I’ve never been so comfortable in such luxurious clothes in my life.

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