My New Pink 256 GB iPad Air Unboxing with Magic Keyboard

Hello Gorgeous! Check out my new toy!

I needed something I can travel with easily that fits in my bag and is not as heavy as a Macbook. Note that I also am a very small person with even smaller hands. My arms and fingers can only carry so much. Petite people get it. How can I be elegant on the train or on a flight without sweating from lugging around such heavy work tools that I drop? This is an expensive reoccurrence I face regularly that even my family has stepped in to help me try to solve such a costly problem.

This is where the iPad Air steps in with a Magic Keyboard. And Apple Care. Yes, Apple Care. Haha.

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My husband said for the longest time how Apple Care is not worth it, but I have had every issue under the sun when it comes to my Apple products. I got the two years of coverage with this baby and know I will use it into the ground as I did with all my other Macbooks and iPads.


  • Light enough to carry around the house and travel without sweating
  • Small enough to fit in my large and medium travel totes
  • Comes in so many cute colours! I obviously got pink.
  • The iPad Air charges through the Magic Keyboard with Magsafe technology.
  • You can get it engraved for free if you purchase it online in case you have multiple lying around the house and know whose it is, or whether it’s a business one for business owners.
  • It comes in 256 GB and 64 GB.
  • The M2 chip is now here with even more powerful processing! That’s probably my favourite spec out of this whole list of pros.
pink ipad air review 256 gb
pink ipad air review 256 gb

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ipad air review with magic keyboard

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