My Left Saline Boob Implant Ruptured! Here’s how I handled it.

I was planning to get my butt implants done for years now, then earlier this past Spring, I thought it would be a fabulous touch to redoing my boobs. And not just getting the same implants in a bigger size. It was getting the highest quality implant that exist that money can buy that feels the closest to the real thing. It’s funny how these things work.

Everyone was telling me all they could against fixing something that’s not broken and all I could do was hear my dreams singing louder than their wishes.

It’s a fantastic thing that I didn’t listen to anyone, because my left breast implant ruptured 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE DOUBLE PROCEDURE SURGERY.

I’ve never been so glad I listened to my instincts and hushed other people’s opinions. Because their words don’t write me checks anyway.

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How it happened

There isn’t one specific event that occurred to make me realize something was wrong. Just that I was uncomfortable for a couple days and it was a growing situation.

I knew I was leaning forward on certain things, lying on my belly when sleeping, and hugging people to tight – not kidding. But didn’t realize that I was being this reckless when it came to my implant. It could have been anything.

My theory: is I was lying on it so much with all my body weight.

How I realized it occurred

I was on vacation where we were constantly eating 12 plates of food for what felt like every 2 hours. The last couple days on holiday, I had a hard time leaving the room, because the way I felt about myself in the mirror based on how I looked.

All my dresses were too tight and in the sweltering heat of the Greek Islands in July. I noticed my left breast was much more tender to the point that it felt like a completely natural boob.

I have been in the girls locker room many times surrounded by many young women where we were exploring ourselves and having puberty talks even until today. Your body is a journey.

Anyway, I put on a swimsuit and squeezed into what I could with my left boob not making as much of an impression with its saline self AKA it wasn’t popping out as much as it regularly did. So I gave it a squeeze and felt the cold, tingly liquid drip inside my body below my left underarm.

The liquid was cold and drained itself into some lower part of my left stomach region. It felt like if you spilt Sprite on your left side. But inside your body.

My boob suddenly appeared smaller and smaller and smaller throughout the progression of the day. Nothing more worrisome.

The articles I pulled up when google “how do i know if my saline implant ruptured” confirmed that my experience was what it was. Once I established the truth according to Google, I sent an email to my doctor explicating my symptoms and the event.

What I did to alleviate the situation

Google is your friend, is my friend. I researched every single article relating to saline implants only. To the point that if an article had both answers to a ruptured implant that was saline or silicone, I averted my eyes of the silicone ones and paid full focus to the saline parts of the article ONLY.

That’s how much stress and anxiety I was under. I usually like to do full reads. But I had to keep myself from panicking by hiding what other possibilities could have been out there.

Even with the time difference, I urgently messaged all of my friends who happened to be experts in the medical field. Mainly my husband.

What the articles said:

  • Your body will metabolize the saline
  • You have the option of removing & replacing the implants or just removing them.
  • It might damage the surrounding tissue of that implant.

What my husband said:

  • Your body will metabolize the saline.
  • Contact your doctor. (Which I did the moment I realized it happened).
  • You’re ok.
  • Don’t go to the ER, because they will treat it like an emergency and remove the implant in surgery right there.
  • It’s a good thing you scheduled for both procedures to be done.

I just had my surgery and the doctor said

“The longer you wait for surgery, the harder it is for the surgeon to apply the implant.

Apparently I had zero complications during my double procedure breast and butt implant surgery. If you’d like to know more about them, click here!

Saline Implants

How my breasts looked before the rupture.

During Rupture

My most miserable time not going out, because my clothes made my rupture so obvious.

After Surgery

These still need some time to heal and drop otherwise they feel 100 xs better (more natural) than the saline implants I had before!

In summation

So if you have saline implants that have ruptured – do nothing. Well, there is nothing you can do but be prepared to have a talk with your surgeon and replace or remove the implant(s). 

You will be okay, I promise. It’s just a little bit of cortisol to the veins, but put on something loose and go about your day. 

Please comment or ask any questions below as I love to know your thoughts and hear from you! 

Gia G. Dixon
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