My Directorial Debut Is Here!

I’m very excited to share this project with you, because I am very proud of my work, and have so much fun doing this, what I consider to be a labor of love. Here’s a little behind the scenes on the mini series I directed and produced!

Here’s some work I did for them before.


The writing was done by Robert Cauer. I gave him the opportunity to come up with 4 pieces of content. One per week. All the videos are edited within the week. It takes sometimes 1-2 weeks of shooting, visiting the shop, at the studio and whatever locations we choose. 

Setting up the times, lighting, and audio mixing is a lot, but is totally worth it and so much fun, because it comes out so cool! 

The Process

We record several times, if you don’t believe. It’s absolutely necessary! Because things can go awry and we just want as much footage possible when it comes to having options to shoot. There’s a lot of heart and feeling and honesty in this documentary-style filming. 

Even the tutorials. Because explaining something you’ve done for 50+ years, with careful language to not turn off certain brands you’re using, but still trying to keep the integrity of what works and what doesn’t is a full time job. I had to get Robert to sit down and rewrite particular words, though he makes my position easier as director, because he pretty much comes with almost everything I need for the presentation.

We record multiple voice overs, because he’s new to this lol. I never realized how natural it came to me. He’s quite artistic and creative, so I thought this would be easy. But it truly is practiced to speak clearly in front of people. Especially when recorded and there’s a ton of lights in your face while you’re supposed to be propped up somehow without sweating haha. 

Welcome to showbiz, Robert! You did an amazing job and I’m very proud of you and to have worked with you. We worked hard on this project, and I had to edit a lot of idiosyncrasies out with the mic, his voice, his fidgeting background noises, but I just ended up turning up the music louder. We literally recorded 5 times when it came to voice overs so shoot me. 

Funny enough, Robert has done some interviews and voice overs before where he had to be captioned simply, because producers thought nobody would understand his German accent. We laughed about this, because it definitely came out more when reading lines. 

He was nervous and stressed, and I didn’t help the situation as an alpha type A hothead. We got through it and get better each project we work on. This is the second video we released and are already working on the third. It’s almost done and it’s thrilling to share these with such a niche world of people who really adore and appreciate his work!

It’s never going to be perfect. The only thing I wanted to do was start and get the ball rolling. I had to get going on posting this project, because I promised myself a heck of a deadline. Staying up until literally 8:30 in the morning, because I wanted to get this project done. 

When I start something, it’s really hard not to finish it. I didn’t even need the two coffees I had earlier. This was so much fun and truly a pleasure to finish these little videos. I know they seem small and short. But the world of marketing them afterward is a whole undertaking in itself. But shooting, editing this, and the experience altogether make it worth it.

Watch the video!

What is something you’re doing that you absolutely love? What is a project you’re currently working on? What is something you liked about the video? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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