“My Body” by Emily Ratajkowski Book Review

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I’ve always been a huge Emily Ratajkowski fan. I love that she loves her body, shares it with the world, and owns it. She chooses her world and isn’t a victim.

I was already crying in the first chapter as I haven’t related harder to a book, to a woman, like this in a long time. I don’t know anybody else who has had such a closely mirrored experience with the attention of men at a young age and all throughout her career.

One of my favourite quotes is by her mother. It’s actually at the top of my notes as I write this article out now.

Men are limited in their understanding of beauty.

Mrs. Ratajkowski

She really encompassed how the masses of men see women, and put them in a very small box of being only good for certain things. Their minds are small thinking for thinking this in the first place and it really has changed the game when Emily didn’t want to be put in this box when asked about being a victim on set of the “Blurred Lines” music video.

Emrata was on top of her game and showed how she didn’t feel like a victim, but empowered for being on set topless and dancing, having fun. She modeled and acted for the money after all.

Having dropped out of UCLA after a year, her friends went on to earn degrees, but then move back into their parents’ homes and work waitressing jobs. She was the one thriving int eh 2008 recession booking e-commerce gigs with Forever 21 and Nordstrom. Using her figure and beauty for freedom, she found a way to cheat the system while her friends had asshole bosses. She even started a Roth IRA from how good the money was – ladies take note if you haven’t got your retirement plan started yet!

As a beauty out in the wild wild west, she received free drinks underaged, got to pay her way simply with appearances, and entertained rich men. I know this sounds odd, but it’s true. Some wealthy people just wanted to be around rare beauty even if it just meant showing up and having a good time.

This didn’t mean it didn’t come withe cost of lewd comments, and rude remarks. Emily handled it all like the ladyboss being gracious, taking ownership of the body she had when others wanted it to be theirs to make claims on.

There’s a very notable part in this book for me that stood out. It was when she came across Demi Moore’s book which I also read. 

She says how she was so similar to Emily, using her body to move up in life. Emily felt shameful to judge her only thinking she was sexy. Then after reading her book saw that she was so much more.

Emily related to herself how people constantly make comments about her on Instagram saying, “How dare you have the audacity to post your ass on Instagram and then want to be taken seriously.” They call her a hypocrite. But for her it’s a matter of means, a living to be made with brand deals & selling bikinis in her business. 

Also, people can be multi dimensional, showing their sexy selves and be taken seriously with their views on politics, and everything besides her body. I share this all the time on my Youtube channel. You can totally subscribe here.

I really loved this book and you should get yourself a copy just to see what it’s like being someone so desired. I remember being asked multiple times in my life, “What’s it like being so desired?” and “Do you prefer to do the loving or being loved?”

Sometimes I felt like I was the one in the chapters, writing each line in the book. There were points where verbatim things I would tell my girlfriends over and over again. It was like me telling my girlfriends as if I were them. To those who could and couldn’t relate. It’s a way for women to connect in some form or another to stand up for ourselves.

I’m so glad someone put it in words. And that Emily used her platform as a person in the media to speak out on how it feels to be strong in a world full of fear. Who doesn’t want to be favoured or admired? She still has regular woes like the rest of us, but spectrum is full of more creeps who push themselves on her. We’re surrounded by these kinds of people everyday and she unmasks what could have been a sad #MeToo story into a leading example of womens choices with our bodies.

Get the book!

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