How to be polite when it comes to matchmaking others and yourself

Matchmaking can be a deeply satisfying activity, but just as with any other aspect of courtship, there is a ritual and rhythm to ensuring it’s a success. Stay until the very end and give this a like to help more people find this and avoid awkward social encounters.

To start with, you must be a shameless networker, so that by sheer number of potential matches, you can start to pair people up. Judge carefully whether you tell one, both or neither that they are being set up.

Never make the mistake of matching like with like too minutely – if the chosen two are too perfectly matched and similar, there might be no friction, and therefore no spark. Nobody wants to date themselves. Hopefully. Opposites attract. Resist the temptation to manage the match. Once the couple have been introduced and initial impressions fed back to the opposite party in judicial doses, the two should be left to get on with it.

If you yourself are being match-made, don’t trust your parents if they are distant and you have to act a very different way around them. It is highly unlikely that you and they are looking for the same things in your prospective partner if you aren’t close with them. If you allow yourself to be matched, don’t get annoyed with the match-maker when things don’t work out: they are not responsible for the other person standing you up or failing to get in touch. It’s not necessarily a reflection on them, because the individual they talked up to you might act different with them, because they know them better. Don’t take it personal.

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