Marie Marot x J.Crew Shirt Review: Is this $248 shirt worth it?

I was really excited yet annoyed for this brand collaboration. I have never heard of Marie Marot before this. Looking at her photoshoot on the J.Crew website, I was not expecting a French girl twist. Frankly, the first thing I noticed were the articulations of her physical appearance rather than the clothes. I saw the woman before the shirt. The shirt came afterward, because this is what happens when you are dressed in such a powerfully memorable manner.

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There was a sense of simplicity in the elegance she claims goes from day to night. I beg to differ, simply because I feel very out of place when wearing executive attire outside the office. It is what Tom Ford declared to avoid doing – wearing officewear on the weekend to pass off knowing how to dress and making workwear somewhat relaxed. I HATE when people wear standard issue officewear in public if they are not at a meeting, on break, or physically in a workspace. It feels like that individual does not know how to dress. It is similar to when a person says, “I wear colour. I wear red.” People who do not know how to wear colour wear red. Those who do not know how to dress wear office clothes and pass it off as formalwear. 

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According to dress code etiquette, lounge suits and workwear are actually the most casual of daywear. Outside ‘business casual’ or whatever that means. Personally, there were so many things wrong with this collaboration that I picked apart in this video. I am here especially criticising this garment, because if you are going to cheat people out of an insane amount of meticulously hard-earned money, you better do it right.


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The legendary and long-standing, dare I say, reigning shirtmakers do not even charge this much. Sure, they charge for multiple at a time, but one shirt at this price is to pay off three different brands who did not have much of an idea when it came to their execution of this plan. I worked with what I had, though it was not hard. Shirts are an English invention that I am so in love with. I will be sagacious in not only what I put on my body, but what I carry little children in, what I represent my company in, and how I show up as a civilised individual in this world. 

You are always expressing yourself even when you are not speaking. This is well known, because the first impression you give others is studied to be 3.5 split seconds of someone looking at you up and down. This could be far away or in a near distance. What this shirt communicates is a smart look for dainy necks, built shoulders, sturdy cotton, and small cuffs. I felt like I was losing a bit of what I paid for when I recently purchased a $35 Ralph Lauren shirt secondhand and a new Ralph Lauren shirt for about $120. Both immaculate in structure, design, and quality. 

I really love J.Crew for making American and English style accessible to the masses with decent quality. Their shirts have always been okay. Accommodating at least. It is not really an institution I would lean on for shirting and suiting. The garb is simply fun and like asking ‘What colour bread would you like?’ at Subway versus ‘This is a pumpernickel rye hand ground, infused with rosemary and chives’ at The Connaught. The colour is fun. But that’s it. I highly recommend looking elsewhere – whether it’s Jermyn Street or Neiman Marcus – for an impeccably made shirt.

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Here is a little edit of the it-girl shirt and similar shirts in the executive style with some other feminine blouses to elevate your signature style.

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