Your grandma’s tissue box covers and waste bins are back in style.

Here are some not-so-mainstream opinions, as with most ideas on this blog, you might see today. I am not here to change your mind about taste, but to consider different ideas in decorating that truly make your house a home with all the personalised details to make it yours. Do not say yes to accepting packaging and the design fate the world offers you. Explore every single thing you can customise to make your space a signature dream home.

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Immerse yourself in the elegant life by visiting the Home Shop. Full of all the luxurious details to glamourise your everyday, the Home Shop has something for everyone.

Highly vacillating thoughts flow onto and bounce off my blog and my platforms online with individuals trying to tear down my conservatism when it comes to keeping older styles that have been around for centuries. Why would you want your house to look like your grandma’s? My grandma had incredible taste in make, quality, and craftsmanship that tied into the traditional idea of making everything yourself.

People are obsessed with radical consumerism and looking like everything on the shelves at every common store. The problem with this is the goods they purchase are not as cared for and will to dispose of them creating more waste is spectacularly damaging to the world around them. 

It also is a short term method of thought to shut down the Socratic dialogue of one’s progeny. These people’s children have to spend time shopping for trash bins that house their waste, because they simply could have inherited something of upstanding quality that lasts generations. Whether it is selfish or not is up to the individual.

Owning a forever home that I will pass down is everything I have ever worked for. Making every feature, attribute, and detail in this space last with recognition to one’s heritage is an homage that resonates through all time. Nobody can take away what my grandmother offered me and what I plan on offering my grandchildren. Though pieces are updated with the original maintained, the Classics will always exist.

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Gia G. Dixon

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