Luxury style: Why I wear the same thing everyday

Mr. Dixon and I have been wearing the same thing everyday. For a while, there have been several blog posts I never published and vlogs where I briefly touched on this.

How does this work? Why would someone wear the same thing everyday? Can you not afford decent clothes? Do your clothes not stink?

There are several ways to go about this

  1. Hand wash my clothes every two to three days / when they start to smell.
  2. Buy multiples of the same outfit and rotate them every other day.
  3. Wear underwear layers beneath the external ensemble.
  4. Shower regularly.

In other words, common sense haha.

Why do this?

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There are several reasons

  1. Only the nouveau riche think you have to wear something new everyday.
  2. If clothes are timeless, they need not to be reduxed.
  3. If your entire wardrobe is similar, everything matches.
  4. When you wear only what looks good on you, you will always look good.
  5. When you own high quality clothes with natural fibres, you do not need to wash them as often or vehemently. 

Even since before saving for thousands of acres and a house, I found myself saving money on long term purchases that rarely need replacing. There are only a couple rooms full of items I have owned that have had about ten previous owners. When it comes to my garments, however, the max I have were only three prior wearers. 

It is truly an honour to wear something so well made and constructed that it lasts generations. This is why I want to perpetuate that sentiment by only making wise purchases to last those beyond me. Clothes are so personal. They need to be of the utmost caliber to be considered as a part of my wardrobe to begin with. 

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You can see I wear these trousers — along with several other pieces quite often!

Learning where textiles and materials come from make all the difference when shopping for something meaningful. It makes the ‘cost per wear’ go down when you do opt for something you need to save months for. You also find yourself taking better care of your items when you put that much time and effort into choosing it. 

You also do not have to waste time and energy shopping again. Since opening the door to the bespoke world, there is nothing I cannot customise to my liking. There are no mistakes when creating such a purposeful outfit from scratch with an expert who can walk you through materials as vicuña lasting through all sorts of weather. 

Nobody can tell you you look bad, because your clothes fit impeccably, outlast any of their extreme seasonal trends, and your tailor will never let you leave without looking exquisite. Their work reflects on them at the end of the day.

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My closet has not stopped shrinking, and it has never felt better. I am selling all my polyester and petroleum based clothes I do not wear anymore on my Poshmark. (I think I might eventually close that account some time this year.) The only items I accumulate from now on are the sturdiest sleek boots I have ever experienced. The warmest cardigan that keeps you dry when the outer layer is wet through rain. The elegantly fitted shirts and coats that make my everyday wear sharp. 

The feeling of overwhelm does not even cross my mind when it comes to dressing up now. Trying on everything in my closet before an event because of uncertainty rarely happens these days. When I do have a problem dressing up, it usually is because I did not do my hair or makeup appropriately, and that is what I have to change. Wearing the same thing everyday makes the process of looking presentable a formidable procedure. 

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This is why I created The Uniform. Nobody should have to think about what to wear. There was a study that children who had to choose from an entire closet of clothes versus out of three ensembles had more anxiety from the abundance of alternatives. 

When you simplify your regime of less options with all being of exemplary standard, that is the definition of luxury. Everything you communicate should be unsurpassable without being said. The ultimate way to express this is by dressing well all the time.

If you loved this post, I would love for you to visit The Uniform. These are my actual outfits and a lookbook to look put together, polished, and never have to think when dressing up. You will always look good in these pieces. It is absolutely a no-brainer. Check them out here.

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