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Mr. Dixon is the one who interested me into making home a comfortable place. Originally, I would be stingy about even purchasing myself a proper ladle for my cooking in my old apartment. He went out of his way to get me one and constantly does till this day. There used to be things I would not have thought of purchasing when it came to my spartan lifestyle in my first studio flat. Today, I spare no expense especially since this is my final home where I plan to grow old. 

This post is sponsored by the Home Shop. This is where all the elegant details that make my home a luxurious sanctuary reside. You will find my favourite go-to picks for every room in the house, from kitchen to bedroom. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

I highly recommend not collecting too many books if you have a small place and want to move, because they are the heaviest boxes you will carry outside of your pieces of furniture. These luxuries make all the difference when wisely buying once and crying once guaranteeing they hold up with the test of time. These works of art we call decor and furniture are well worth the time and effort living with.

Immerse yourself in the elegant life by visiting the Home Shop. Full of all the luxurious details to glamourise your everyday, the Home Shop has something for everyone. 

The first time I saw these, I wanted to purchase them for the Hollywood Hills, California home, but realised it would be a pain to move to the older world Kentucky. I am so glad I did not, because a lot of my pieces are scratched from the U-Haul truck, and I want these to be worn from using them rather than schlepping them around. 

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Since moving to a twelve-season climate, leather tufted club fenders are needed more than ever as we are building multiple furnaces, wood-fire stoves, and fireplaces. Both for form and functionality, because we are out here in the countryside living off the land. This is the perfect way to make what was once a rustic farm feel luxurious, or a city escape.

I wanted to buy this for Mr. Dixon, but he referred it as something more for me – whimsical, round, and worldly. I love the map on it and the shape. Both are striking, unique, and I feel like I am plotting world domination.

This footstool is perfect for tying shoes if you don laces. I also find this to be the perfect spot for my cat, Cashmere, to lay his little head for resting in between toy chases.

Benches and footstools are so useful in that awkward entryway area time when people are leaving and putting their shoes on with trying to acknowledge you at the same time. You are standing there, waiting for them, but they are not having the easiest time. You put this there ready for them, and it makes their life easier and faster. Less awkward. In a stunning Gustav Klimt fashion. We all have something artful to look at.

This is cute for children and adults. I simply picked this, because there are not enough comforts and fuzzy friends around the house to make this place feel family friendly in a classically stylish manner.

Obviously a fan of Vienna Secession and art nouveau, I had to incorporate one of my favourite masterpiece makers into the cosiness of my cushions. Colour and solace on your seating can be found in works of art imitating life.

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