Loro Piana Summer Charms Mules First Impressions: My Forever Mules!

Here is what you need to know about the Loro Piana Summer Charms Mules and what to expect when receiving your wonderful suede goodness! I was so excited to make this purchase as I was looking for something I can run around doing errands in with a casual flair. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

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Recently, I donated 19 bags of clothes and got rid of items I absolutely do not use. Instead, I am only keeping things I use everyday into the ground. This made me realise the one thing I tend to reach for regularly is my pair of mules!

Living in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, I find myself slipping something on quickly in 95 degree weather during the middle of October. We have the double edged sword of the drought and summer sunshine is all year long.

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Why mules?

There have been so many instances where last minute mini expeditions have occurred. These beauties come in handy to elegantly save the day. When I want to look dignified but casual with your classic a-line midi dress, I reach for my mules. For a quick run to the grocery store in my white trousers and blazer, I slip on these smart shoes. Pleated skirt and silk long sleeve polo top at the bank? I’ll be making transactions in my mules, thank you very much.


Everyone needs a pair of Loro Pianas in their life. These are my first pair and they excited me, because they match every single item in my closet. Look clever in a flash with these dainty sandals that are a perfect fit. They run narrow as a person with feet on the slender side. If you have wide feet, you’re definitely going to want to size up a half unit.

Do you have a colour you’re thinking about getting them in? Do you own Loro Pianas? How would you style them? Ugh, I’m interrogating you! I’d love to know your thoughts below in the comments. It’s always fabulous to hear from you, and know how you’re styling this design. Because ugly shoes are a global issue.

Suede Care

To clean them, I use this suede wash that comes with a brush set. It’s super easy to use with clear instructions for thorough care. I also maintain them and create an invincible barrier on the suede by waterproofing them with this treatment spray. Personally, my feet tend to sweat a bit more and I love being barefoot outdoors, so my toes leave dark spots. This is where the brush comes in. I use it every time I wear the mules. They last so much longer and feel and look like new!

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