Look Expensive With These Wardrobe Staples: Classy, Elegant SHEIN Haul

I am the queen of shopping SHEIN it’s hilarious, because I figured out how good the quality is (usually) going to be, my precise sizing and what is worth spending on. This is why I’m the ultimate guide for you to shop and choose styles carefully at this store forsaken by so many.

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Not to mention online shopping is my forte. Just hands down. I will concede. I even have a total guide on how to shop online and save money — without going crazy and knowing what to expect you can watch here. It’s a series of short videos I think you’ll enjoy, because…savings. On time, effort and money. You can dream big, but still be practical.

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These are style staples that are meant to be in your wardrobe all year long no matter the season. The key I like to stick to is knowing my colouring, using classics with a twist and know what looks good on your body type.

I have such a personal relationship and newly found love for satin pumps. I’ve always loved satin, how delicate it is and how court shoes make my legs look like they go forever. Petite ladies also understand my affection for platforms. Some say they’re not 100% classy and elegant, but if you style them with a more covered and conservative look that isn’t too showy or revealing a lot of skin, they can really exaggerate how dainty you are.

As for pussybow tops — yes, that’s their proper name according to the people in England who invented them. I know. My husband is English and I’ve been to England many times shopping for them there and on British online stores. They elevate a look to be so feminine, conservative and versatile. You can wear them to work, drinks, even afternoon tea. I wanted to mix it up with the sheer look. I have tons of flesh tone tank tops to wear underneath. Or you can really stylise it with an intricate lace bra in any colour. Just make sure it doesn’t fight the warmth of this creamy shade blouse.

Nighties. I’ve always been a fan of wearing anything satin, because it looks so much more delicate, feels like a second skin and looks instantly elegant and more expensive. The truth is the satin dresses I have are $6 haha! Gotcha, world! I look like I spend a lot, but the truth is I am a master of stinginess. The trick is to not look like it.

How to make a boring classic style more interesting?

Change the texture, material or colour. I’m dead serious. People will think you spent a lot of money if you have a uniform (a lot of the same styles in your closet) but change one of these variables and you can create a signature people will always remember you by. Powerful branding is simply consistency! 😉

‘Gia, why is there so much blue?’ I’m a deep winter. Here’s a free colour season quiz to find out what tones look good on you so you can look healthy and naturally attractive by only wearing shades that look good on you. This includes makeup.

Gloves? Why gloves?

I wear gloves instead of the encumbrance of jewellery. Sometimes I wear gloves with jewellery! Got to keep them guessing. Gloves are the ultimate glamorous touch to help your look tie together at an extra special event. Get these gloves. They’re less than $5. Don’t even think! Just do it. Try it. Personally, I collect gloves for all occasions. You can even wear them at home with only lingerie! I can’t control what you do. These are just style suggestions.

Barbie Chanel Tweed

Giiirrrrrrrrrrl. I collect tweed jackets. Especially cropped ones because I’m petite at 5’2″/1.6m. These make you look like you have your life together but still have a personality. Like Elle woods. Educated and stylish.

These bags are all over the place!

You need one for every occasion! And starting at $7? Count me in. I love the tapestry style and how small it is. Clutch size handbags are really important for me, because I’m petite. It looks more proportionate with my outfit, I can show what I’m wearing better, because a bag is out of the way and I don’t like carrying a lot of stuff in general.

Life hack: Use a small purse, because people won’t ask you to put their stuff in it if they’re feeling lazy. ‘Sorry. Can’t. Doesn’t fit.’

The satin bag is for dinner and drinks and then the crystal bag is for being extra at a special event. Life is all about celebration. You gotta go big!

Omg. How did this post get so long? Haha I really love clothes. Don’t think so? Click here for more fashion posts to change your mind. I hope you like these styles as much as I do. Let me know what you absolutely loved below. I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

Shop the whole elegant, classic style haul here!

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