Long sleeve satin Shein tops, because elegance can be affordable

If you are saving for a holiday away, but still want to be prepared for work and elegant dinners when heading back, I am ten steps ahead of you! Here are some elegant long sleeve satin blouses from Shein to maximize the elegance in your wardrobe and the efficiency of your wallet.

Whoever said that looking polished and put together has to cost a lot could not be more wrong today. These looks lift up your wardrobe, and bring your elegant aura to the next level. It took me a while to find long sleeve tops that were feminine, and nothing says romantic and flowing energy more than satin finish and silky drapery.

I had so much fun putting this haul video together as I felt so grown up and refined on my journey as an etiquette consultant. There is nothing more invigorating than rebranding, glowing up, and becoming the best version of yourself through style.

For more elegant and feminine looks, click here.

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