Little steps to be a bit greener this year

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It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be started.

First things first, let’s get this out in the clear. I vow to not go shopping this year and purchase new anything – unless it’s something I really need and I’m replacing something. For instance, grocery shopping or if my lap top gets sat on and cracked again.

Washing my clothes less, and more hand-washing.

Use less paper towel.


Not shopping for packaged foods, and packaged beauty products for the shower, packaged anything.

I started a Poshmark store again recently and you can visit it here. Be sure to follow me on the app / website so I can share your items with my 20,900+ followers! (It grows every day by minimum of at least 60 followers daily, so each time I check the number is different. This is just the last time I checked.) I have tons of feminine style that is hardly used, or sometimes new with tags, because I sometimes have trips that get cancelled.

Also comment your @name on Poshmark in the comments below along with the styles you are selling to let others know! I’d love to have a community of Poshers here to support each other and create the space for secondhand fashion as the initial choice for finding trends.

In no way am I a sustainable style influencer. I’m just a feminine style influencer, and sometimes encompass around things that include inner and outer beauty. But I’ve been loving these styles by sustainable brands and have been leaning toward them if anything when shopping as of late.

Let me know what your thoughts on shopping, sustainability, any questions, or where to start in the comments below. This is an open discussion, safe space, and no criticism will fall upon you. No question is a stupid question, and I personally would love to know more myself!

It’s sexy to open up your knowledge and love for new things. How do you know if you don’t ask? Feel free to comment below any of your queries. It will be handled with love, I promise! I still definitely have tons of questions myself, and am slowly making move toward less waste.

Here are some sustainable brands I love

I always find myself keeping my eye on these brands’ products and just all around aesthetics.

You can shop a lot of these brands at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, but I’ll link mostly the direct retailers, because they usually have more options.


Shop sustainable style here!

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