Elegant Everyday Style Alert: Le Chameau Short Boots

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Mr. Dixon invited me for a walk, but he did not specify that we were literally headed into the sticks. There are trails bordering the wilderness, but I did not expect to be invited into the prickly abyss of dead branches sticking up from every which way in my new Ralph Lauren wool pinstripe trousers. 

The weird thing was, all the stiff foliage and extensive twigs rising off the floor that pick at your textiles were literally just below the knees height. Reluctantly starting to step through, I held back and shook my head, ‘No. I can’t do this.’ Mr. Dixon said, ‘Okay next time.’ This meant I would wear sensible shoes. Frankly, I cannot recall if it was my Chanel quilted ballet flats or my leather Sam Edelman Lorraine loafers I was wearing. 

Nevertheless, I wanted something that did not entirely cover my trousers having to tuck them in as an extra step in order for a quick stroll in fresh air. Even so, my white Chanel wellies were not something I felt compelled to compromise in Winter’s forest of poking sticks.

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This was the perfect excuse to look for rain boots online. Completely hermetic. Something for the countryside I could wear forever. And even get one as a gift for everyone in the family. We would all have a colour to represent our personality claiming those boots ours. 

Hunter wellies after the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley? I pictured myself on a horse in plaster form in the midst of Trafalgar Square. Mr. Dixon, being English and proud would have been honoured standing by me in our daily walk as I don a pair of such boots. 

But which boots?

I went with Le Chameau. He was not upset, because they actually cost less than the same short style in a similar hue. Price was not something I was willing to spare, it was more of a sense of curiosity from another blogger I follow. A male blogger who was shooting clay pigeons. If you are that comfortable shooting in those boots — GET THOSE BOOTS.

For the past month, they have sat jauntily by the front door being used day in and out. For a Davidoff Corona Petite Signature on the veranda with my burgundy cashmere wrap. A quick gallivant to pick up groceries in my layered wool favourites. Perhaps returning to the scene in my Ralph Lauren wool trousers in the wilderness once again. It seems that I cannot seem to take these boots off.

In the countryside, it will never matter. I wear them continuously with a seven thousand dollar jacket yet they look like they were plucked from the same wardrobe. I wear these with the thickest of wool socks for extra comfort, but have simply slipped them on alone for a jog to get the mail. Opening the Oxford Dictionary, under ‘comfortable’ you will find an image of these Le Chameau boots illustrated with a hatching of shadow from a natural slump, because they are always something worth reaching for.

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Truly, the ‘unboxing’ was a triumphant moment of excitement. Coos filled the house that day they arrived. Mr. Dixon marvelled, and that was when I realised he was not upset at my betrayal of his culture’s famous boots. 

A residue on the outside was the finish of these boots. I smelled my fingers to discover the scent of fresh rubber. Dull. Not overpowering. Quite subtle, as a matter of fact. It was definitely settled into the boot, but still fresh enough to communicate the tender loving care of the facilities packing the wonderful kickers.

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Burgundy. This way they go hand in hand with every garment in my wardrobe. No matter the season, to feminise ensembles, even in the dead of winter, or zenith of the sun’s peak in summer, they are an elegant match to turn a formal city blazer into a countryside stroller coat. 

They are rubbery to the point of wobbling. My dear friend who served a mission in Belgium said in Flemish, ‘bibberpudding’, meaning gelatin. That is what they reminded me of. With a bit more structure. Enough to stand at attention on their own. In addition to the give it has when dressing your feet. 

Something pleasantly surprising is there is no scratch, no dirt, and they have managed to be impervious to the elements I have exposed the pair to. So far. We will see. These boots are going to live nine lives considering how stalwart this purchase was. It is definitely something my little ones are going to use when I am away. Playing dress up or for a quick stitch to cut something from the garden. 

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When I plan to wear or use something, it is definitely planned to be used for the rest of my life with no wiggle room for waste. I guess you can label it as slow shopping, but I am thinking even further than that. If you have not seen my 300 year plan, I plan to hand down everything I have and hope for at least ten generations to use my things, because they are such unfaltering quality. To sum words up, my Le Chameau boots are not only close to my heart, but would be a disappointment to not have owned them. 

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