Le Chameau & Ralph Lauren made this equestrian ensemble

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In every single vlog or mini photo shoot for my LTK, Instagram, and YouTube posts, I find myself sporting these Le Chameau boots. They make my most elegant outfits stay that way, and my most casual deliberate. If you have been following me for a while now, you are probably familiar with how unpragmatic (so my husband claims) I can be when dressing everyday. 


These Le Chameau short boots have countlessly saved me from heartache on my daily wilderness walks. The comfortable yet sleek amount of space heighten the appeal of protecting my woolen trouser hem lines from catching low branches. This is a real problem. As a matter of fact, it was the first encounter with an unfortunate occurrence holding me back from doing what I wanted to do in a while. 

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After tornadoes and multiple storms have obliterated everything in my daily hike’s wake – and continue to do so this season – trees have fallen from the sky, smashing houses and crushing other trees in a domino effect. All kinds of creatures that lost their home and dried hard twigs that were once high tributaries of a trunk find respite in tearing my new trousers. 

Standing comfortably upright at my front door for easy access is where they are housed constantly as a reminder that these are my everyday go-to. An essential that is a war horse in my wardrobe. They came in a protected layer of rubber coating. You can read more about my original unboxing here. I also dive into the history of the Wellington boot in that post. Here are also more ways to style them, because you will see me wearing them everyday to Costco, on quick jaunts to the mailbox, and looking at different real estate properties. 

Different ways to style Le Chameau short boots

Here is a vlog with my wonderful boots.

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As for the trews – yes, proper trews because of the tartan – I am loving them. They really lighten up my look for Spring and Summer. They are a more approachable and inviting style to work and play in. This post mentions more of their praises as I now own multiples of these trousers in different designs.

Earlier, I mentioned equestrian dressing. This pieced together outfit of the day is definitely not up to standard dressage code. Different styles of competition call for specific attire as is the etiquette of all sporting uniforms. In addition, after this ziggurat of a next luxury purchase, I will look for a pair of good riding boots.

Contemporaneously, my focus is on scouting farm lands, forests, steadfast barns, and a decent house on top of it all. Parcel hunting is taking a lot of time and will take a chunk of change that will change my life forever. Another property, but this time we are living on it, and we are going to have all sorts of animals. For the sake of husbandry and pets. 

I am very excited to officially own my own farm and chattel to be entirely self sustainable. Also, do not forget I am in the horse capital of the world. Mr. Dixon and I are planning to have an equine for each member of the family, and they will be Dixons too. My subsequent plans for purchasing this parcel are definitely riding boots. One for competitions, casual everyday to practice in, and a dressed up pair with taller heels. As in, I never wear them for riding, but they are in the similar style. They look so put together for any outfit, and keep you warm with an extra layer of leather over trews.

Furthermore, I barely touched on this turtleneck. I pretty much live in them now, as you can see in this post. They are the perfect base layer piece for Winter, and transition wear for Spring. We have twelve seasons, here, in the Middle of Nowhere, Kentucky. This outfit is a daily go-to since leaving Hollywood Hills life and being prepared for the unpredictable changes.

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