LaserAway Laser Tattoo Removal 24 Hour Update After My First Session

It’s been over 24 hours since I’ve gotten lasered and the swelling has been excessive. Someone joked my hand looks like a pig’s foot and a 2 year old’s hand. You know when toddlers and babies have chubby hands that their knuckles are negative and are dimples instead of poking out? That’s how I feel right now.

I’m also noticing my arm is much thicker and literally looks like it doesn’t belong on my body hahaha. 

laser tattoo removal review first session

Something important to note is it’s very itchy. I don’t scratch it at all as I know it just means it’s inflamed with the white blood cells doing their magic fighting off any possible bacteria. But the itchiness is something I could definitely live without. 

I asked the laser technician how long I’m supposed to keep the gauze on and she said 2 days. I’m hoping it goes down by then, but I also read information online that it takes 3-5 days for it to go down. 

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I also am not allowed to work out after the lasering session for 2 days because it affects the tattoo and can create permanent scarring which LaserAway doesn’t specialize in. 

laseraway review laser tattoo removal first session

My next appointment is on Friday so it’s going to be a whole week of not working out and not straining my arm to do anything. Poor arm.

I’m keeping it elevated as much as I can, not touching it, and trying not to use it to do anything strenuous. This includes washing dishes, and I’ve limited myself pretty much completely to my right hand.

Something else to know is my tattoo was huge. It covers my whole arm and is a snake that wraps around. I only got the top done and the next session coming us is going to be for the bottom of my forearm.

laseraway laser tattoo removal review

It looks like I have a cast, but I also bought some gauze and vaseline to clean it later tonight before I go to bed. I’m so excited for the final result, even just if it was the first session. But I can see some lightness and the color of the ink going away from the visible parts outside some of the gauze cast. 

Will keep you updated on the my next session. Hope this helps you with some insight on the journey to tattoo removal! Be sure to like, subscribe and click the bell for more updates on laser tattoo removal. See you soon.

Was there any expectations that were changed after learning more about my experience? If you have any questions about laser tattoo removal, feel free to ask them in the comments!

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