Laser Tattoo Removal Session 9 With Before & After Progress

During my first laser tattoo removal session at LaserAway, I was told for the second time I would need around 10-12 sessions to get rid of my tattoo completely. The first time I was notified was during the video consultation with three separate laser removal techs from the company. At my last sesssion — which was the 8th — I was informed that it will now take another 8-10 sessions. We will ultimately see despite the uncertainty. Subscribe for The Glow Up weekly newsletter and never miss a single post!

Watch the video to see the before and after!

I am really excited, because the tattoo has faded so much, is lighter, and I am more aware of dressing with long sleeves as people think my arm is covered with henna. I want to be more conservative all around and cannot wait for the day I can wear short sleeves freely without a faded blob of ink on my arm haha.

The session was very painful, but it is nothing when I think about being able to not have to hide my arm at meetings and introductions with new people I meet. I can relax at the idea that nobody can pin me to a certain ideal or associate me with a particular group. Labels are the worst. In other words, the pain is worth it.

During the session, I wait 30 minutes to get the numbing cream to settle in and rub it myself to activate the lidocaine. The more you rub it, the more it activates and the lasers hurt less. Sometimes you don’t even feel it. I think the magic time to wait is 20 minutes. 30 is too long and it feels like the numbing creams weakens a bit. It still really shocks the body (literally) and hurts like mad when the laser is used on your skin.

As for aftercare, don’t be on your feet for long, elevate your arm over your heart, don’t exercise for a day, don’t do anything that makes you sweat, and most of all do not shower. All for at least 24 hours. This way you don’t scar.

There is a tech who is one of the handful of laser experts who treats my arm and she showed me her small tattoo that is faded yet scarred, because she worked out after her session. It is a warning sign she shared with me, but I was plainly thrilled to see how faded her ink was after three sessions. Definitely something to look forward to!

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