It’s out. I’m bringing back the vampire look this season.

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My huge seasonal makeup Nordstrom beauty haul is here!

Okay, so, I’m bring back the vampire look?

I obviously do not sound entirely certain when you read this, however it does not exactly look like the vampire look on me. Since I am a deep winter, these colours do not look vampy on me at all. On the other hand, if I wore these and had a different colour season, I would look like I am wearing vampire costume makeup haha. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

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Here is my Nordstrom beauty haul, luxury beauty review, and current makeup routine I am wearing this season! Let me know what you think in the comments below your experience, things you are looking forward to in beauty and in general, and just know I always love hearing from you.

Chanel Lip Balms 

Some of these products I have been using religiously for years. You CANNOT go wrong with a Chanel lip balm. TInted or clear. The packaging is exceptional and the formula is out of this world. Once you try camelia lip oil, you cannot go back. 

People always wonder why luxury lip balms are so expensive and what exactly makes them luxury. It is the high quality oils that are sourced from beautiful farms filled with ingredients you can only find in the east that were also brought to France! In my local botanical garden I used to visit weekly, I found the various camelia plants Chanel uses to make these, and they are seriously exotic. 

The verdict: It lasts all day if you are not eating, making out, or chatting for hours. It also keeps you from spending even more on new lip balms from cheap hyaluronic acids that make your lips peel and burn off.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Gel

I constantly get asked what I do for my brows. For years actually. I have made several beauty routine vlogs, yet I still get asked haha. Y’all need to go watch my videos, subscribe and click the bell! It’s totally free. 

Anywho, the dipbrow gel is perfect for in between visits of getting my eyebrows ombre-powdered. It lasts longer than microblading, and makes your brows look like you have makeup rather than natural hairs. The reason I chose this option over microblading is because I naturally do not have any hairs, so tattooing them on will just look like literal tattooed on hairs. If I look like I have makeup on all the time without actually doing my makeup, I look less harsh, and the oiliness of my eyebrows don’t affect much of the ink, because there is more of it, hence making it last longer.

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In between visits to my permanent makeup expert, I use this ABH gel, because the colour and paint is PERFECT. I especially like it when it is running out of product, so I can fade it better. I still use an extra spoolie brush tool to feather it about a bit and not look as severe. The colour is on point if you have light skin with dark hair as I do. 

Chanel liquid matte lipstick

I can never remember the long names of Chanel lipsticks, because they are always a mouthful. They always have a long winded name for their latest formulas, and I wish they could simply say what it is they are supposed to do. For example, ‘matte liquid lipstick’. Everyone is making one, and it is perfectly okay to get with the times, Chanel.

Having a branded name for every little thing gets confusing, and makes shopping more difficult when I go to the counter, because I go home with the wrong formula on accident not able to return what I just tried on for the first time. Now I am stuck with your brand’s confusing product, because it was not clear.

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Outside of that issue, this liquid lipstick is great. It is like painting your lips with really loose liquid, so be careful when applying.

It does not dry too fast which is a good thing for me as someone who likes to build a gradience from the middle of my lips working outward by dabbing with my lips themselves. 

Using the doe feet is easy, and the product is quite tiny. I was surprised. Even for the amount of ounces it carries, I thought it would be a little bit longer.

Nevertheless, it is a high quality product that I would love to carry in my clutch on an evening out! It is definitely more of a glam routine product. For me at least.

Using the doe feet is easy, and the product is quite tiny. I was surprised. Even for the amount of ounces it carries, I thought it would be a little bit longer. Nevertheless, it is a high quality product that I would love to carry in my clutch on an evening out! It is definitely more of a glam routine product. For me at least.

Chanel’s matte lipstick from the bullet

I will always use this as my classic go to. Ever since I was a teenager who tried on lipstick for the first time, I always loved being precise with my lip application. The fact that this is matte does precisely this! I love the formula. Love the colour. Love the accessibility with the button pressing ejecting the bullet. There is even a CC on the inside when you check out the cover. It has everything I ever wanted in a lipstick and the product does exactly what it says.

Chanel lip liner

I love lip liner. It makes me look and feel polished. I feel like I have my life together and wish I had minis of these to have in my bag for work, hand out to my friends, and eat, because they taste so good when on my lips haha. No I am totally kidding. 

On a real note, lip liner is the easiest way to make me look like I actually tried in the morning. I can have a pair of shades on to cover my eye bags / Chanel luggage under my pupils, yet look like I put in a glamorous team’s amount of effort into my look. It is clean, easy, quick, and I want more!

Givenchy’s matte lipstick

I was standing in the Sephora only to make this an impulse purchase! Yes, I saw it as a Sephora and this was a Nordstrom beauty haul, because I was not sure if I wanted to get this at the store. I thought about it that night and purchased it on my Nordstrom app. This was also, because I prefer to have Nordy points for gifts for my family.

The colour was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I was searching all week for the right burgundy tone. Not too purple. Not too brown. Juuuust right. I nicknamed this shade Goldilocks, because she is the last thing hue I will be using until I hit the end of her bullet. 

NARS Creamy concealer

I love this concealer and use it like a foundation. A little goes a long way. In this video, you can see me applying it to bits on the side of my nose and that’s it. Then I spread it all over to even out my complexion and create a base. This is the ultimate concealer that makes you look like you do not have any makeup on. I want to say it is a bit medium coverage. Buildable as I personally prefer to build it. It makes my skin look perfect on camera, and done up in person. It is definitely something you can use to go for the natural or ultra glamorous look.

Have you made any of these Nordstrom purchases lately? 

What do you think of these luxury beauty brands? 

Are you excited to use any of these yourself? 

Have you bought one from this blog post? 

I would love to know in the comments below. It is always a pleasure to connect with you. 

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P.P.S. I have a YSL matte lipstick in here, because I was thinking of getting it, but could not for the life of me find it in store! If you have tried this burgundy lipstick, please let me know your review in the comments below, and if this is worth trying.

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