Is Dooney & Bourke Better Than CHANEL? French Luxury Bags Don’t Stand A Chance

Say what you want about American fashion. We have Tom Ford who revived European luxury by taking on Gucci’s creative direction and installing British style into his contemporary suiting. Zac Posen, the wonder boy designer making waves in his roller coaster career as a vanguard quality and style intellect. Marc Jacobs, the dress donning clothing and beauty engineer whose fragrances I incorporate into my Uniform. Not to mention Ralph Lauren whose empire is as vast as his classic designs you can literally live your life in at home or on your figure. 

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The New World has contributed many groundbreaking cultivations towards technology in design, production, and style altogether. We invented jeans after all *cough* Levi Strauss. The farming fashion that feeds everyone. He made his design popular for farmers to not ruin their beautiful trousers that disappear after a few kneels on the ground. His thick cotton became especially known during the Gold Rush as people died on their way to California for a better life. Many found nothing and settled. They still kept the denim and managed to turn it into a fashionable phenomenon.

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Pebble grain domed satchel https://bit.ly/3SVydiU

Dooney & Bourke website https://bit.ly/3WQQPUl

My shirt https://bit.ly/3TzPMWu

My blue tweed micro mini https://bit.ly/3FPr0xU

Chanel Medallion Tote https://bit.ly/3E6ikjU

iPad Air https://bit.ly/3Tft9WW

iPad magic keyboard https://bit.ly/3Wjri5G

Gold letter keychain https://bit.ly/3to4CnF

White 7 gold key fob covers https://amzn.to/3UK15fm

One of my American favourites, Dooney & Bourke, is the legendary company founded in 1975 by designer Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke in Norwalk, Connecticut. It was originally a supplier of belts, braces, and ties for menswear. Now the innovator of women’s leather goods is continuing to pursue excellence with distinguished quality and capturing the hearts of a new generation. 

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Originally, I was willing to spend a thousand dollars on a tote that fits my new iPad Air. I wanted something lightweight, sturdy that I could use daily for the rest of my life (or as long as it holds up), and not be bothered about having to buy a larger bag again. This is my work bag that does not look like a briefcase. It also does not weigh as much as a suitcase as many designer goods do.

The domed satchel is perfect for me, because my personal items do not fall out of my tote if it were to suddenly drop on the floor while driving. It is also the ultimate pick-pocket protector by having such an amazing quality zipper. You know a bag is high quality with the zipper alone. The smoothness, ease, and make are an encumbrance when it comes to daily usage and efficacy of getting in and out of one’s satchel.

The pebble grain leather is not something I typically look for when searching for a handheld style. Usually I choose a smooth leather for such items, but this did not matter to me as I was overwhelmed with a thousand other things that did not cost a thousand dollars. This has been happening to me a lot lately, where I was willing to spend a thousand dollars on one coat, or an Hermes scarf, or designer bag. Then I find out quality does not cost that much considering how much use I will get out of this stunning piece of architecture. 

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My new Dooney & Bourke pebble grain dome satchel prioritises the most significant reason for having a bag: protecting my property. The lining is like no other brand name bag I own. Its inside is like a royal suite at a five star boutique hotel. It houses all my items with canvas in a natural sandstone hue and tawny leather trim. I have never seen anything like this! 

Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, you name it. Any designer handbag I owned or took peaks of the inside at any retailer did not include such a preciously cared for inside. That is the sole purpose of a bag. To carry your things and take extra tender loving care of them. Elegance is in the details with this number.

I was also impressed with the quality and make of this cautiously constructed arrangement of leather. This bag comes with a leather extension strap to not only have multiple uses of it differently styled, but entirely interchangeable lengths of leather to fasten over your shoulder regardless of your petiteness. As a shorter person standing at 5’2.5”, it is imperative for me to find a bag that is short enough to hit me at the waist and not the awkward height that hits a little kid in the head when turning around. It also swallows me and makes me look disproportionate in the lack of range of other bags and their limited strap capabilities. 

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The leather took my breath away, because I used to buy tons of fast fashion pleather bags that make me vomit when I see them now. Literally, I am repulsed at the sight of all the things wrong with them. It was either that or some insanely expensive lambskin leather from bags I eventually purchased later on as a working adult with some serious cash.

The leather on this bag reminds me of leather I have seen at a violin shop where I worked, at stables where horses are loved, and my husband’s incredible handmade shoes from England. You can tell there is a workmanship and quality crafted into how gorgeously this will age. The drape of the material is like a skirt in a light breeze. It cannot be beat when you see it. Something about it feels intrinsically right. 

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I think it was less than $300 I spent on this immaculately made satchel. I chose green, because it goes from city to countryside very well. It fits all of my things and then some without being bulky, heavy, and unsightly. The mobility is easy when walking, sitting, and standing. Accessibility to my things without having to dig around for a moment feels shorter, because it is medium to large, but small enough to look proportionate with my height and size yet organised to keep everything in place. There are various multiple types of hardware dipped in gold and a gunmetal alloy.

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how to look expensive hair how to look expensive at school how to look expensive casual how to look expensive on a budget how to look expensive without being rich how to dress to look expensive

The key hook is life-changing, because I CAN FIND MY KEYS! Oh my! The handles are pulchritudinous leather I cannot compare to anythign else. It is elegant, casual, and goes from day to night. I can pack a weekend’s worth of clothes – but if you know me, I can pack a week’s worth of clothes haha. It has everything I have ever needed and wanted in a bag. You would be remiss not to at least own ONE Dooney & Bourke masterpiece. 

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how to look expensive hair how to look expensive at school how to look expensive casual how to look expensive on a budget how to look expensive without being rich how to dress to look expensive


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