Is $11 toothpaste worth it? Marvis classic strong mint toothpaste review

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I have been using this toothpaste for three years now and still cannot get enough. I have tried every flavour available in the USA and some in Italy. The first time I discovered this wonderful lifesaver, I was in Italy with my husband on a second honeymoon when we ran out of toothpaste. He came out of a little ABC store in Milan and purchased this for about 1 euro.

On the Anthropologie website in the USA, it was always $8-14, average being $10-11 on Amazon. I always thought it was a ridiculous amount to spend on toothpaste, until I tried it. I cannot go back to Colgate or Crest or Aquafresh. It made me realise that I grew up using watered down water to to brush my teeth my whole life. I used to think Sensodyne was strong as it made my bad breath go away for a couple hours.

Marvis has a loyal customer in me, because I connect with it since having a dark past. It is the strongest toothpaste I have ever tatsed and the most concentrated mint I have probably ever and will experience aside from eating actual mint leaves. The purpose Marvis was created was for smokers to cover up their bad habit. Years ago, I used to smoke religiously (I was going through something but was never addicted), and nothing could fix my teeth health at that point.

marvis toothpaste review

Until I tried Marvis. The flavours are all over the place too and I can’t get enough. There’s jasmine flavour to different kinds of exotic fruits. I cannot wait to go back to Italy and stock up and send them back to myself haha. I’m a lifetime committer, because nothing else satisfies me like this classic strong mint flavour. I can’t recommend this enough.

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I have the toothpaste squeezer, multiple minis to travel in my handbag and each luggage, and the insanely strong mouthwash. It will put hair on your chest haha. I think it might have alcohol, which is not the best considering long term studies have shown mouth cancer is a consideration. But I’m on my second bottle of the mouthwash (I obviously don’t use it everyday). It could probably start your car too if you drank it. I highly recommend if you want fresh breath for the next few months haha.

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