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Welcome to another installment of 30 Days of Beauty where review beauty products for at least 30 days, sometimes 9 years! I dive into if the product’s performance is as effective as its cost. If you have any beauty products you’d like me to try before you buy, please comment them at the below.

I haven’t seen my skin look this smooth and glowy without just having skincare without foundation makeup atop. This powder gave me some sense of how makeup artists really finish their work off by setting their stars with this powder. It’s simply genius!

Here you will learn how to make your makeup look smooth and not cakey.

Adding the final skin makeup step of setting powder or sprays always made me wonder why people put so much on their face. Seeing the final result – and ultimate result at the end of the day for that matter – shook my ontological thought!

I looked younger and as if I had a full night of sleep with no jetlag. And no face mask to support my skin situation. As a firm believer in getting a proper 7 1/2 hours nightly, and cleaning my skin properly, I thought I had it all until I tried this. Now when I don’t use it, I feel like something is missing. I can’t go back.

SPF has always been a pain to re-apply on top of it all.

Having to return to the drawing board (or bathroom mirror) and rub more gunk into my face on top of the day’s makeup seem much. You know when you put too much liquid material on your face and it just starts rubbing off into a grey residue? That’s what I picture when I think of remembering to put on more sun cream.

The fact that this is a double duty product has me. Trying to be efficient as possible, with less waste, but still be beautiful for the day is less of a challenge with this multi-use powder. The fact that this is mineral dust that can also get rid of my shiny nose and keep my makeup in place all day after a ton of laughing, talking, and eating is pretty much a miracle.

How to use the Ilia Radiance Translucent Powder with SPF 20

I noticed the difference right away when I applied it with a big puffy brush, and dusted the excess off into the original component. Lightly dab it across your face covering up the parts where you used a concealer and/or or foundation to finish it off. Et Voilà! You are glowing, youthful, and smooth.

My skin seriously looks insanely smooth with this magic elixir powder. Try out the different renditions of this Ilia setting genius here! There are different shades and a simple white one for no tone for those who want to keep things simple.

If you have any beauty products you’d like me to try before you buy, please comment them at the below.

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