I took Elizabeth Hugen’s Feminine Style Quiz! Here are the results

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As a huge fan of Elizabeth Hugen, I signed up to her newsletter ages ago. You may also know her from her blog as Lizzie In Lace. I always say,

She’s one curly wig away from being Marie Antoinette

feminine outfit ideas

In other words, she’s got the actual style of an actual queen. She also has the name of a queen! Jacquard, brocade, velvet, floral, mesh textures. You name it, she’s extravagant to the max and I am here for her feminine maximalism. Isn’t it fun when you find someone so statement and confident in who you are? She literally puts a smile on my face when I see her super bright smile in her iconic locations and poses. That girl can take a picture.

You can take her feminine style personality quiz here.

Check out my results! What do you think? Do you think this style fits me? Comment below. If you’re not familiar with my style, you can check out more fashion posts here. If you love my style, you can shop my daily outfits here.

I typically do not take personality quizzes, because I think they are a waste of time since I know who I am. As a screening process, I was facilitated a personality quiz as a career positioning interview. At the end of answering all the questions, the facilitator asked if I wanted to know the results. I said no and he was surprsied. Apparently, it was part of the test to see if you were fine with who you are.

However, my style has been evolving as I get older. I’m leaving my 20s and at 27 buying another house across the country, I feel like more grown up than ever. Before it was young, fun and day-date going. Now I mostly go to evening events or black tie occasions. The script has flipped and I see that within my test results!

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