I shaved my face. Here’s how dermaplaning made me look more symmetrical.

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Just a heads up, I did this at home with a teeny tiny razor from Amazon that was a part of a $3 something set of 3 little razors. I remember my wonderful coworker back in the day from when I had a nine to five told me about theses razors. She briefly mentioned how she uses it to touch up her brows and I immediately pictured this cute little face razor!

Smug that I knew what she was talking about, I never engineered the effort to use it myself, because I thought it was limited to brow shaping. Years passed and I hear about Lauren Bosstyck shaving her face on The Skinny Confidential. Another one of my favourite bloggers, Amanda John from Strawberry Chic XO mentioned her skincare regime.

Here are some sets I have in my Amazon cart to keep things interesting. I love the colours and love the reusable one. I think that one will be my last set I purchase and replace the razors.

Why shave your face?

Getting off those last bits of peach fuzz off are a real game changer when it comes to applying makeup. But that’s not what sold me! It was the fact that I had two huge problems for years, but didn’t know what to do about them.

  1. I fixed my widow’s peak.
  2. I got rid of my side burns.

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If you have dark hair like me, you possibly might be familiar with the side burns situation. As someone with pretty fair skin, I’ve noticed in photos since I was a little kid how my light fluffy hairs over the line of my ears would hang over in a whispy way. My older brother made fun of me saying I have side burns. I lived with it. It never crossed my mind to shave it!

Here are some electric razors that are fabulous for those who want to put in less arm and wrist work haha. This is what my mom had growing up and I always secretly used it to get rid of my dark peach fuzz mustache.

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Especially with a razor that is meant for the legs. It’s too big and can go wrong very fast haha. This precision razor made my face whale blubber sliding smooth and my jawline is more pronounced now. I look so much more feminine with my facial features standing out more rather than hiding in what feels like a bush of hair.

It’s insanely natural looking and so easy with less than 30 seconds of your day!

As for my widow’s peak, it’s not a real hardcore vampire dip. I think they’re really gorgeous and was always jealous of having a proper widow’s peak growing up. Mine is simply four hairs sticking out from the front of the rest of my hairline.

When I swipe it to either side — including when I split my hair down the middle — it simply makes my hair look greasy even when it’s not. It’s a sloppy look that nobody should have and these four hairs made a face altering difference. I look so much more symmetrical now without doing anything. I can also run my fingers through my hair as a hairstyle now, confident that I look good by how my hair shapes my face. Isn’t it crazy how such small details make our whole face change?

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Things to note

Afterward, it felt exactly how your legs feel when they are shaved for the first time in a while. When you put trousers or pajama pants on, they feel so smooth and silky! It was such a funny feeling that made me smile. Also, be kind to your facial skin as you would with your skincare routine. Moisturizer the area, but make sure your face is cleansed before doing it. It was the ultimate face exfoliating treatment done for free at home! This is counting the cost of time too, of course.

Be careful not to accidentally shave some longer hairs that got caught in the crossfire as I did haha. It happens, but it’s not an obvious mistake. My hair needs a salon visit from being so crispy and processed overall as it is.

dermaplaning at home tips
dermaplaning at home tips

I didn’t shave my whole face. It was only the side burns and some parts on my outer lower cheeks that had dark hairs, along with my peach fuzz mustache and the mini widow’s peak to fix my hairline. I do not personally want something that requires too much upkeep. Also, this is way better than makeup contouring to shape your face. Less work, prep time and cost.

Have you tried at-home dermaplaning or the full medspa treatment? I read several articles online that it’s a much more invasive process that makes you feel tender. I would love to know your experience below medspa or at home! It’s always a thrill to hear from my readers.

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