I live in Los Angeles. Here’s why I don’t care about famous people.

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When I travel and pull out my California ID or people find out I live in Los Angeles, they ask if I met any famous people. I see them all the time. At the grocery store. In line at the post office. Where I used to work. Driving in traffic. At the coffee shop. You name it.

I really don’t care though. I never have cared about famous people. A lot of my heroes are dead or are someone I would not ask for a picture anyway, because I believe in respecting people’s lives and time. Let people be. Don’t be a rude starstruck person who cannot have the emotional control to let people live in peace. You do not know how exhausted of you they are.

However, it is a different story if you are being formally introduced by a dear friend whom they also happen to be close with. That’s when you let them know politely you are genuinely aware of their work if you are. Not a groveling fan who puts them on a pedestal.

Also, actors aren’t exactly incredible people. A majority of the time — very much so — they are people who got really lucky. If they are not fils de (children of the wealthy or already famous), they are individuals who were chosen because they had just the right amount of hair on their arm. That’s a legitimate reason one of my actor friends was casted in an audition.

They only contribute to society later when they are paid to be a spokesperson for a cause or ambassador or a particular brand after they have already become big. They push their political propaganda on Twitter and can get fired from future jobs because of it.

Take Jennifer Aniston for example. What was her last claim to fame in the past 20 years? She was divorced twice and cheated on. People only felt pity for her marriages crumbling. Before that, she made a horrible haircut famous that already existed before her. She has not really contributed much to society for a while.

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Of course she did in the 90s when her show was famous. But it was an awful show. People with bad taste like her show. Even the creator of the show shared regrets about the casting after making millions off of it.

People idolize these people who got lucky. Some of them are ridiculously good looking which makes perfect sense. But things are changing. I personally think people who are good looking belong on screen and are aspirational. Aside from that, there are average looking people in exponentially scaled features now that I want to avert my eyes away from. Yet average people think they are attractive because of something I call the Hollywood effect.

This is when someone finds an average or below average looking person attractive simply because they are famous. They do not even have to be a good actor or performer.

Every now and again, I’ll bump into a new person at a get together with friends and meet a handful of newbies who are excited about the glitz and glam of the city lights and discovering iconic scenes from films. They still get starstruck from accidentally walking onto set or wondering why traffic is so bad from a scene being filmed.

To all of you lovely new people of my city, you are more than welcome to explore, and uncover a culture where you will find a ton of pros and cons. Whether you stay is up to you, but says a lot about you. If you can make it through the crime that is creeping into the nicer neighbourhoods and changing colours of the town, I commend you. I, however, cannot wait to leave!

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