I don’t use skin creams. Here is my no-makeup routine.

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Every now and again I like to forego the usage of toners, serums, and moisturisers. I put my skin through a lot as it is when it comes to shooting YouTube videos and making a lasting first impression with new people I meet.

During our move across the country, I did not put on makeup for four days straight (that’s how long it took to drive here). This has been the best my skin has been in a long time. 

I noticed a lot of it had to do with leaving Los Angeles. Even when I was living in Hollywood Hills, the smog was evident, and the heat on top made the sweat and pollution sit on my skin. 

Moving to the countryside where there is four seasons was a game changer for the way I take care of myself, and a lot of it literally shows on my face. 

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All you have to do is remove all your makeup, exfoliate every now and then, and let your skin breathe. If I need to go out and am trying to cover up my skin’s uneven complexion – this comes from unbalanced hormones after giving birth – I use Gucci’s finishing powder to simply blot down the hyperpigmentation. 

Aside from that, clear lip colour has saved me multiple washes for my bedsheets, pillow case, and clothes when I put them on. There used to be tons of tinted lip balm stains everywhere. Oh, not to mention mugs! Mr. Dixon finds them a nuisance haha. At least he knows which coffee is mine. 

Here is how to keep it simple, efficient, and truly beautiful.

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