How to wear tailored shorts for Spring and Summer

Long shorts. Short pants. Whatever you call them, they are here to stay. This post is sponsored by The Uniform. Check out my high quality everyday  outfits to elevate your life. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliates. Read full disclosure here.

This is my latest classic look to throw on simply because I need to be clothed. Not because it is a trending statement or I am with the latest fashion. Perhaps I look as if I am back on Safari through the Serengeti, but it is the classic pleated short trouser look that goes with almost any top. Ribbed vest, polo cut, or silk cami – it works.

Keeping the silhouette simple is my modus operandi per usual. Being elegant never has to be complicated or overwhelming. This breathable linen cotton with a longer hem is a conservative design for my wilderness walks. Less sun tan lines with straight leg composition, more comfort, and easy to hand wash.

In addition to styling, I have been wearing my Hermes Kelly belt to break up the midsection and balance my proportions using Fibonacci’s sequence. One third atop with two thirds below the leather accessories. Le Chameau Wellingtons, loafers, or sandals dress these shorts up or down depending on the activity.


As an adolescent, I remember reading how Anna Wintour blasted shorts. Them being the bane of fashion and style trends. I think she was specifically referring. to denim cutoffs, and I agree. They were my go-to as a teenager at the time, so I wrote it off. They also should stay with teenagers who need to get the shabby chic style out of their system. Now at twenty-eight, I avoid them like the pandemic virus and those who have it.


There simply is no reason to be wearing denim cutoffs aside from the fact that you want to spread bacteria onto the back of your legs wherever you sit. Or if you are having the occasional beach visit. But even then one would remove them right away. Wearing them is having the equal confidence of wearing a bikini bottom with a smattering of more coverage. 


After a deep tissue and sculpting massage at the spa and at home on my own with a makeshift roller, cellulite and I have not been acquainted. Or at least made obvious that we have not been. If your upper inner thigh fat is showing, it is more than ‘too short’. The ideal length is past one’s fingers at the sides. Any hem past that or somewhere around there is your true friend. 


The difference with a skirt is you are more likely to keep your legs crossed. Not to mention skirts should be worn with tights anyway, giving the illusion of a touch more modesty. However, with shorts, one feels able to move around freely as if their dignity only exists at home with their real clothes.


Let us list the benefits of longer linen shorts

  1. They cover you.
  2. You are less likely to tan aggressively with a looser fit hem.
  3. Linen is more comfortable for warmer climates.
  4. They are lightweight.
  5. Linen is easy and quick to hand wash.
  6. You are more comfortable to move around without showing too much.
  7. They elevate your look by being more dressed up but are still casual.
  8. You have more style options in general creating more outfits.
  9. Wearing them does not gain negative attention by looking too sexy.
  10. You can actually focus on your life and things you are doing when wearing them.





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