How to use your beauty to your advantage

With power comes great responsibility. But those who have it all might still feel like something is missing. This is because we have a human need to make an impact, socially connect, and according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – to leave a legacy.

What studies show about the status of good looking people

This might be something you will laugh about, or even be curious of, but it’s truth when I say good looking people are paid attention way more than warranted. Studies have shown humans are known to stare at symmetrical faces much longer than those who are average looking.

Here’s a bit more on the evolution of desire with clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and evolutionary psychologist Dr. David Buss.

This is especially innate in babies, and old people. All ages in between do it too, but babies and older people have a lesser chance of hiding their innate feelings with the awareness of society.

It also becomes less shallow when you think about all the ways to use your looks as a platform for impact with treating people with utmost respect, representing oneself well, and lifting others up in the process. This is something highly successful people do, no matter their status in the looks food chain.

Why good looking people tend to be successful

There’s a whole vicious circle of chicken or the egg questions when it comes to good looking people being successful. Which came first, exactly? I think there’s a bit of balance that comes into play here.

My theory is that successful people are successful for a reason. They are clever and smart. They use their brains to make a lot with a little bit and are successful in a certain field. They get super good at something and the money follows.

Then, they have the pick of the pack. They can filter and choose through the options presented to them, because being a high earner is directly correlated to high IQ as studies show. Eventually, they find a good looking person they get along with and eventually love enough to reproduce with them.

Their child is born with the genetics the good looking parent passes, along with the environment the successful and smart parent creates. They have the mindset of someone, and more potential to be have a favourable fortune. This is what creates the habitat for success on multiple facets, give or take. The cycle repeats itself as the child looks for a mate.

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How can I become more attractive to create this dynasty of success?

Say you already have the looks. Say you already have the success. No matter the size of the coin, you’re looking for more and wondering what else you can offer knowing there’s so much more to life than just one or the other.

I created a finishing school for fabulous femmes to become the hottest version of yourself inside and out. It’s our innate biological desire to be captivating and attract a high caliber life by becoming high value people.

how to be hot
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I created the It Girl School so you can have the glow up you’ve been dreaming of. I literally got ILM & CPD Certified for this program, just so I can even get down and dirty to teach you proper etiquette and protocol, having gone to a finishing school myself.

This is my absolute heart and soul helping ladies level up as I want you to be able to turn on confidence, communicate better with all the social graces of an actual duchess. Sign up now, check it out, and tell your girlfriends so you can hold each other accountable doing it together!

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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