How to stop complaining: Remember this one thing

I’m not going to be the 1,000th person who tells you to have a gratitude journal. Here is a powerful thing to remember so you stop complaining. Stay until the very end to have a stronger mindset and give this a like so more people find this. 

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how to stop complaining
how to stop complaining

My husband was in the RAF. He and his squad were marching for four days straight 30 miles a day in Nijmegen, Netherlands. There was one guy who kept complaining about his feet being in pain bleeding in his boots. He suddenly stopped when the officer ahead of him said, ‘Don’t you think we’re all feeling the same pain? You’re the only one complaining about it.’ People were in such excruciating agony at the end of the international march that they ended taking opiates to ease their suffering. 

My husband said in his mind he was feeling sorry for himself. But on the way home, they visited a WWII museum. There was an exhibit that shared how 4,000 British paratroopers were dropped into Nijmegen and asked to hold their station for 24 hours until the allied tanks arrived. After 4 days and fierce fighting they were destroyed and lost their lives due to a battalion of SS. There was a scrap of wallpaper on display that they had written on. “Fuck the Jerry’s. Never give up, never surrender.” *Jerry’s being Germans. Tommy’s were Brits. 

Have this mindset, because your problems are probably pretty common. Nobody wants to hear about your problems. Everyone else has their own they’re focusing on. Do not be weak. Sometimes not having a reaction and trudging through is the best reaction. I sound like Jocko Willink. 

You handle these things faster and better so you get it out of the way. Having a clear mind when you’re facing your problems and setting your emotions aside will benefit you and expedite a difficult process. I’ll be that person who encourages you and tells you you can absolutely do it. Once you come out on the other side, you’ll be so proud of yourself. 

Thank you so much for taking time to read the end of this post. I hope you find some inspiration in this and feel free to share with your friends as a free way to help my blog grow. Your support is endlessly appreciated. 

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Gia G. Dixon
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