How to spring clean your mind and reset your mood

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We’re constantly inundated with media to consume, information to add to our notes, and events to overflow our calendar. This is a wonderful problem to have, because it means we have a lot going on, yet finding the balance still remains the challenge.

Can we have it all? Is it possible to juggle getting enough rest, clearing unwanted thoughts, and taking in as much as we can to have a full life? I believe it is so. At least, when I am able to set aside some time each day to practice these small, simple things to detox the mind naturally!

Get rid of any bad quality food

This can mean anything from high fat content, to packaged mystery chemicals, to old things you don’t even want to – literally – stomach anymore. Lose the temptation in your home by creating obstacles, big or small, to keep you from getting to that processed food if it is in the house. What you can do is make it hard to reach, or store it in a room where it’s a challenge to get to. Your will to reach for it goes out the window once there is that hindrance in between you and the food.

Ideally, we’d make conscious food decisions by just not purchasing any at all during our grocery store trip. However, I don’t believe in completely depriving oneself of this, so I personally get high quality desserts, and I find that I do not snack at all throughout the day. That’s my trick!

Sticking to a simple, healthy diet increases brain function, bodily function, and just high quality of life all around, because of the chain reaction of effects that follows when fueling our bodies correctly. You wouldn’t give a Ferrari vodka. It wouldn’t run properly.

Drinking water actually helps the bank account, and makes you realize your’e actually full. Sometimes we think we’re hungry when we’re really just thirsty. Here are some smart self cleaning water bottles I’ve been obsessed with lately.

Reading material

I personally love nonfiction, and have a post here on how to read 4 books a week. It’s my goal I set up for myself a couple years ago, and have been at it for a while now. (I go through books faster than I can write reviews about them, which is why I’m behind on those posts.) But in a study by neuroscientists, it was found that reading nonfiction expands your mind, because your imagination’s ability grows. However, I love nonfiction, because gathering information is my favourite. And then applying it later is what I like to do.

I love self development books, business books, memoirs by my heroines or heroes, and guides on how to do things. Here are a handful of my current reaches in reading.

Stay away from murder podcasts

I have zero idea why people enjoy hearing about people get murdered. It’s also a total waste of time and space for your brain and body to go through. But then I’m one of those weird people who always has to be learning, even when my brain shuts off I’m doing something productive. What I’m listening to would be some good music to dance, move around, or work out too to get the blood flowing and burn calories.

But prioritizing listening to positive things like motivational podcasts, self growth youtube channels while we’re doing our makeup in the morning, or relaxing music that doesn’t stress us out to get out some pent up movement in our bodies.

I listen to the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast if I want to come out a little more enlightened than I was a few minutes ago. I seriously learn a lot from that show. It’s a positive vibration that definitely uplifts me.

Here are some of my favourite piece I’ve been listening to while I work or just sometimes to put my Sennheisers on and relax. Well, at least my way of relaxing. This playlist contains some of my favourite concerti, romantic, and modern pieces.

Watch something lighthearted

There are so many docudramas on con artists lately, though comical, I like to watch period dramas in the time of the year 800 haha. When I want to turn off my brain it’s an escape, but I noticed I sleep better when I watch something silly, or light like something calming on the nature channel or even a funny game show like American Ninja Warrior hahaha.

Easy on the social media content

There’s this huge deal with social media affecting so many people’s lives in negative ways, where the people complaining don’t realize there are so many positive accounts! People are just spread the bad news, because it’s easier to remember and affected by it, than the good news. People like to be victimized by social media.

For instance, there was a huge wave in Denmark where teenage girls are feeling bad about themselves, because of seeing successful or gorgeous people on social media. Nobody is forcing them to follow these accounts. Nor is it right to police accounts, because people can’t help themselves to follow! It doesn’t make any sense to me, because nobody is forcing them haha. As my dad would say, “Get a job.”

Also, if you’re jealous of someone else’s life, it means you’re not focusing on yours. There are so many brilliant accounts on interior design, inspiring quotes, how to gain mental stability, and helpful posters in any category!

My personal Instagram account is full of feminine outfit inspiration, while my business account is full of uplifting and motivational quotes to remind people of the greatness they’re achieving daily, and gratitude for what they already have. @femmefoundersclub is my business account, and you should also check out who I follow on there. It’s full of influential women empowering others, and striving to be better. You’re absolutely going to smile and feel amazing about yourself when you see what’s on there.

An easy way to remember

Use your five senses. Or turn them off when you know it’s necessary. Having that filter on content will make your life easier if you turn to your preferences for support. Only love what content you’re ingesting. I personally like to consume what I want for myself in the future, meaning things that help me grow, and relax with the things I am now – like living in the moment with a good book or some journaling. Check out the self care journals below for more!

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