How to see how productive you actually are

Mr. Dixon is looking at animals everyday online. Where to purchase them, farms that raise them well, how to do it properly, thumbing through articles and YouTube tutorials constantly. He is so excited to be clean living (unintentionally). Sometimes I find he is more interested in his potential arable, husbandry, and nightly steak dinners from cattle more than he is in my dull conversation, because of how engulfed he is with all things farming. 

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It makes me laugh warmly, yet also collect some excitement for him myself. He is terribly thrilled about this one thing where he seems ten steps ahead. Going with the flow is more his speed. His nature. Now his nature is nature.

I feel like I am finally catching up after slowing down my YouTube channel to only two posts a week. Originally, the plan was one post a week, which it will gradually tail off into. But that will be further into the Summer. This is a safe space for me to harness my real estate studies as I keep on putting it off. Procrastination has not been my friend, but we have been acting like close cousins who have shared secrets for decades. 

Writing down what I actually do juxtaposed with my endless to do list propels me forward into seeing that I actually get things done. It makes a world of difference when beating yourself up about not focusing on the right priorities.

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Flash cards were finally constructed with key ideas to remember for up to only Unit Eleven so far. Real estate contracts. This is kicking my behind, because I can hardly remember the surface level notions as I re-write them down. It is scary, because the wording is really confusing as opposed to the videos of the dad from Wisconsin who is the genius breaking down these complex concepts simply. He is lovable, easy to listen to, and feels like he cares for you.

This takes me back to the SATs. You do not have tutors to fill you in on what subjects the test will have, but how to take the test. The final exam is all about how you can understand 10,000 trick questions in itself. Not the actual teachings you were guided through for the past few months. 

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Initially looking through the chapters when receiving the course, I thought I could blow through it within 30 days. Less even. I was giving five hours a day minimum. Then, my motivation waned. The topics became painful and uncomfortably difficult, so I would hold off on chapters for weeks at a time. 

Forcing myself with multiple coffees and even caffeine pills make me think about taking cigarette breaks and the challenge I put my body through. You have no idea. I dream about cigarettes right now. The pressure is getting to me, and I have one month and a half to complete what it is I want to do for the rest of my life. My career, I should say. This is not a job. This is a way of life. Something that will further my dreams into motion.

Working on my blog and YouTube channel to have content for up to June was my dream. Getting a season’s/quarter’s worth of material that is high quality makes everything easier, but took a lot of sacrifice to live up to. It was stressful but worth it. Now I can focus on my real core work, but I do not want to. Hours of news channels on YouTube are taking up most of my time once again. Turning them off helps a thousand times more, but my brain wants to be distracted.

My flashcards are neon to make sure I see them in each corner of my eye when entering the room. Note to self: make sure newborn children have neon clothes in case they are too quiet. It is a good thing that a lot of vegetables, fruit, and flowers are neon. God made them that way so they are easy to spot, yet so many individuals avoid them anyway. 

Nevertheless, I will force myself to grind and trudge through, because I think about the incredible homeschool I will build, the farm that we are soon to move to, plane runway we can build in our backyard, the barns we can store the big technical toys in, building several palaces from scratch, and hosting outdoor picnics. None of this will happen unless I force myself to study.

By the time you read this, hopefully I will already have had my real estate license for at least about a month.

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