How to know if your style is timeless + Old money style outfits

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There is one easy way to know if your style is timeless and if it will actually stick around in the future. 

If you ever watched a movie that was filmed 70 years ago and are obsessed with the looks, it’s because that style transcended time. Those outfits, hair, makeup, and manner of carrying oneself is absolutely here to stay. 

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I noticed styles for ladies and gentlemen from 100 years ago looked good then and still look good today. I’ll even take you back with some fashion history. Dating back to over 200 years ago, in the 1800s, this was the time of Queen Victoria – probably the most powerful woman in all of history – and what was known as the Gibson Girl period in America for fashion. 

I poached these from Pinterest, just as a heads up!

This Victorian style was when we had the switch to trousers. Men went from knee breeches to cavalry style trousers from the military. I will have the whole post linked below. You can check it out after this. 

The change to trousers and eventually women donning the design meant that style has not really changed very much in the past 200 years when it comes to what we call the ‘classics’. 

Some individuals consider Coco Chanel to be classic however, her shift style was groundbreaking. Especially coming from a period that had such strong moral beliefs inspiring the fashion of the time. Now, her boxy cuts are a staple, but they were quite new in her time.

I put together a mood board of all the styles that are inspired from the classics of 100 years ago that you can still wear today. You can download it. A lot of the style obviously evolved and became loose as meritocracy was rising in the United States. 


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Style is not just an ‘aesthetic’.

The American nouveau riche revived an old style inspired from the English countryside, school uniforms, and formalwear. This is what we call old money. 

The styles we revived, funny enough, are not that old, considering the trouser cuts are presented all over moodboards in Pinterest at in a design that is only 70-80 years old – the double pleat. 

I have one pair of double pleated trousers in Los Angeles I left at the house deliberately, because I plan on going back. But since moving, I purchased two pairs of double pleated trousers. One navy and one burgundy, because I don’t like wearing black. 

You can be elegant wearing black, but I feel like it’s too easy. It’s not a challenge. And dressing brightly, when done well, is more inviting and friendly. A day ago I was walking with my husband through a nice neighbourhood on my way to the wilderness. Nobody batted an eyelash. I simply said hello kindly to everyone, and wasn’t dressed aggressively, so nobody assumed I was trouble. It’s imperative to dress in an inviting manner. 

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I think this is part of dressing in the old money aesthetic. Also, I think it’s important to recognise that when wearing natural and high quality fibres you will always look good. 

I used to make fun of some family members who wear double pleats, because it misshapes their body entirely. They are typically worn if you have a Santa Claus portly body type. They’re back in style as a trend, but I sincerely think they are a classic. 

To style them in a way that you don’t look like you’re handing presents every year, wear really tall and pointed heels – I like rhinestone embellished pumps that go day to night. Make sure to belt your ensemble. If you want a really clean and seamless look, use a bodysuit so you don’t have to keep tucking and running to the bathroom to privately re-adjust yourself. 

Los Angeles is a great sustainable option for so may different cuts of bodysuits that are also locally made. I have several of them and will do a whole haul of the items coming soon, so subscribe and click the bell for that! 

In other words, if you want to always be in style, avoid trends. This is literally people telling you what to wear. Why would you listen to someone who doesn’t know your body type or colouring? They don’t know your attitude or what cuts look good on you. Wear what actually flatters you, showcase who you are, and that style is signature.

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