How To Incorporate SPF Into Your Daily Beauty Routine

Wearing sunscreen can feel like a chore when you can’t figure out how to add it without your face feeling thick and like it needs to be redone once stepping into the melting sun.

Here are some sun protection picks to add to your glam routine that aren’t heavyweight and not your mother’s average dollop of cream for your precious skinwear.

Where To Begin: Oils

Before applying anything pigmented onto your face, it’s important to moisturize or else the tincture will get into your skin. And I mean seep into the cracks of your skin you didn’t know were there like a statue found after the blast of Pompei.

Those who have dry skin know what I’m talking about. Applying oil before any type of concealer or foundation is key to skin looking seamless and insanely glass.

Prep & Prime

If you’re not into putting oil onto your magnificent mug, here are some options I picked especially for you! A primer for underneath your makeup and lightweight moisturizing facial lotion to radiate an extraordinarily natural look if you’re going to layer on some pigmented glam.

It’s not too textured and keeps your face light, but keeps everything in place!

Makeup & Tinted SPF

If you’re wondering how to save the day when you need to touch up, these are the tinted sun protection babies you’ll need! You know how you run into accidents with getting splashed in the face, or spilling food on unwarranted areas of the skin during your lunch break?

Now you don’t have to worry about redoing your whole look if need be. These are the ultimate tinted sun protection options you have to start your look and touch up later without having to completely start over!

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Don’t Forget Your Lips!

This is where we go wrong sometimes. It’s okay to forget, but even better to prevent. Lips age too and we want to stay as young as possible before having to go to the medspa to top up our filler. They stretch our lips enough and we want to preserve and pickle what we have for as long as possible without having to spend a fortune.

Miscellaneous SPF Because Everything Needs To Be SPF’d

Don’t forget to protect your hands! It’s imperative we take care of one of our most important parts of the body. It’s one of the first things people see, and what betrays us if not considered. Also, here is a handy SPF stick for travel in case you have too many liquids in your carry on as is. I know – I’ve thought of it all! Ha ha.

What are your sunscreen and SPF favs? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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