How To Get All Of The Shopping You Want Out Of Your System And Still Budget

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I have this really weird trick I’ve been using that originally did more damage than good when it came to blowing money on things I absolutely wanted. Specifically clothing and beauty. But this applies to whatever it is you’re currently obsessed with!

But I learned to use it in a way that helps with my finance.

Here’s the method:

Make a list of all the things you want from all the stores you want. Check all the stores online that have the same item for cheaper or with less costs for shipping.

Next, find the store that has the most products you want. Purchase all those items. Load a proper haul into your cart.

Do all the shopping you want. Get it out of your system. Buy all the things. The fragrance, the shoes, the hair products, the works. Even the latest gown you think you want to wear at next year’s wedding! But only from one store on your list

I’m serious.

Then, keep the list of other stores, hauls, and products you want saved in your Notes app if you have an iPhone or simply write it down where you can keep it.

If you’re an influencer recommending the items and actually make money from the affiliates be sure to write them off in your taxes.

Sometimes you won’t ever look at the list again and completely forget about shopping the items. But getting all of it written down and out of your system and reading it again later might not appeal to you anymore.

The rush of receiving the items in the mail is also fun, but sometimes the products might not exactly be what you expect even after you read all the information on the dimensions and quality reviews. It’s just a matter of returning the items to get your money back or loving them and using them!

At least you get the feeling of getting a gift in the mail when you actually do the shopping and that’s part of the high. But tangible items devalue over time as we see them sit there and get older. A lot of store-bought products also have zero return on investment or value in the future when it comes to use. Especially clothing and beauty.

After simply purchasing clothing or beauty, it instantly is reduced to half the value and the clothing industry pretty much makes no money unless your fast fashion constantly moving product or maybe even Haute Couture (but even then Christian DeLaCroix barely floated for years).

3 Takeaways

The longer we own things, the less we see their value and they become old to us. You can do the method of actually doing things the hard way by spending your money, getting a refund a month later, or simply thinking of this de-valuing of products in the first place.

Whatever mindset works to your advantage.

How To Track

I go in this cycle every year when online shopping. However, what actually keeps me on track is looking at my statements and finance apps afterward. The Qapital app helps me track some savings but also tells me exactly what percentage I’m spending on certain categories.

For instance, I have a tendency to spend $200 A WEEK on frivolous items. Where did I get this weird habit of burning $800 a month on things I don’t need?! But I see it on my app and am used to my spending now, so I can either change it, or make more money to let it not bother me. Honestly, I did the latter, because I just love shopping and accepted my spending habits. 🙂

What are some habits you’re doing to curb your spending or grow your budget? What is something you’ve learned from this post? What stores are you planning to shop next?

I’d love to know your thoughts below in the comments as I always love hearing from you!

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Gia G. Dixon

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