How to forgive fast & not hold a grudge

Remain and unbothered queen by learning how to let go and forgive instantly. No more holding grudges and time for nonsense. Not saying anything, and just letting things go is how to forgive someone without talking them, because you don’t have energy to be angry, and 90% of what we communicate is not spoken.

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It is poor spiritual hygiene to give everybody access to you.

The steps to forgiveness are simple. Whether you’re trying to figure out how to forgive when you are still angry, or exploring how to forgive someone you love, the power of forgiveness can easily, completely, and instantly level up your quality of life.

Your presence is a privilege, and that includes toward yourself.

You can go back to your glamorous self once you’re unbothered in all relationships. Yes, you care. But when it comes to people trying to take you away from your best self, you will have zero tolerance. Because nobody important and worth keeping in your circle will let you missplace yourself and not let you act like a queen with a queen’s level of self respect.

A guy – most of all – is the last person a woman living in her best energy should be bothered by. This works at school, at work, and in a relationship.

Holding grudges is just costly, when it comes to aging, stress levels, hormone balance, and botox. You want someone who is level-headed, and can assess situations as well as you can. You do not chase, you attract this. A way to not attract drama, is by leaving it alone. The best PR for something you don’t want, is just by letting that issue die. No need to bring it up again in the future, because you’ve already moved on and forgave.

It’s really easy to get rid of bitterness and grudges, when you switch in your brain what you need to prioritize in life. There are so many other things that matter to you right now, because as a high value woman, you’re constantly in the moment, and bringing up past issues is a mental block that holds you back. You are moving forward improving your situation by protecting your peace, energy, and time.

Don’t give others control of your peace.

Your time is valuable, and sometimes it’s good to be busy, unavailable, and hard to reach. Remain unattached by cleaning at home, organizing your workspace, getting your outfits for the week ready, indulging in hobbies, or hanging out with friends.

People don’t care about your feelings. They care about themselves, so you need to draw the line.

You don’t need to make someone else’s issues your problem. Don’t take things personally, because it’s not personal when someone else is projecting their lack of closure to you. It’s not healthy to attach yourself to someone anyway. Giving yourself away to another person is not worth your mental structure being broken down. It’s all no hard feelings, so let go of the bad feelings. Let go of emotions that don’t matter to you.

Communicating with a high value woman is a privilege, so do it in a high value way.

Letting go, keeping things light, and enjoying the moment you have now is so attractive. For me, the feeling was absolutely instant when I realized I forgive someone, because:

  1. I don’t care enough about your issues. Go see a therapist for that.
  2. It’s too expensive for me to care about things that I don’t have to.
  3. They were going through something, and I don’t need to be a part of it. It’s not personal.

Position yourself as the empowered, high value woman you are.

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Gia G. Dixon

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